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Victorian Skills Plan 2023 revealed

The Victorian Government has launched a new report that charts Victoria’s skills and training sector over the next three years.


The Victorian Skills Plan for 2023 into 2024 was prepared by the Victorian Skills Authority (VSA) and outlines Victoria’s jobs and skills outlook into 2026, with more than 353,000 new jobs created across 19 key industries.

It promotes more training opportunities for providers and industries to plan for future skills needs, and course plans for Victoria’s nation-leading TAFE system.

The Skills Plan covers four broad priorities:

  • Recognising the diversity of Victoria’s employment needs
  • Promoting post-secondary education skills and career pathways
  • Delivering the right skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow
  • Lifting participation in education and training.

Key actions include:

  • Start the VET journey at school
  • Enable learners and workers to make informed skilling and career choices
  • Build foundation skills to enhance workforce participation
  • Bridge the gender gap
  • Build skills to support Victoria’s clean economy intentions
  • Create innovative solutions to support future skills development.

The plan estimates than 83,000 jobs will be created in health care and social assistance, 46,000 in education and training, 35,000 in the professional, scientific and technical services sector, 32,000 in hospitality, and 25,000 in manufacturing.

Victoria’s transition to a renewable economy is also expected to create 10,000 new jobs each year from now until 2030 and transition more than 500,000 existing jobs through new skills training.

About $186 million was allocated in the Victorian Budget 23/24 to extend the eligibility of Free TAFE. More than 80 courses and short courses are covered and there is no longer a one-course limit on Free TAFE participation within the one priority pathway.

It comes as the Victorian and Federal Governments signed a five-year National Skills Agreement (NSA) for national cooperation and strategic investment into Victoria’s vocational education and training (VET) sector.

How the Victorian Chamber can help

The Victorian Chamber’s Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) is contracted by the Australian Government to provide free personalised advice and support services from pre-commencement to completion for job seekers, employers, apprentices and trainees.

Our Industry Training Consultants will provide quality support services to help recruit, sign up, train, and retain apprentices and trainees and provide advice on financial supports, incentives and government or industry updates.

If you are an employer hiring an apprentice or trainee, contact our ASA team with any enquiries.

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