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Energy is an essential requirement for Victoria’s economic prosperity and affordable and reliable energy supply is something all businesses should be able to depend on. Unfortunately, electricity prices have been pushed up by a lack of investment in new electricity supply. In response to changes in available supplies, technologies, and government policies, renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role in Victoria’s energy mix. It now accounts for approximately 17 percent of generation capacity.


With the right policies in place Victoria has the potential to increase the amount of electricity derived from renewable sources, spurring the development of renewable energy industry capabilities. The Victorian Chamber encourages both State and Federal Governments to take steps to reduce energy cost pressures on business and support more efficient energy and resource use that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our focus

  • Reduce our emissions through affordable and sustainable measures that do not jeopardise Victorian industries and jobs, especially in important trade exposed sectors like agriculture and manufacturing.
  • Help businesses manage their energy use and reduce emissions.
  • Improve the transparency of retail energy markets and make it easier for businesses to find a better electricity deal.
  • Prioritise the development of an integrated national energy policy.
  • Reduce regulated network and distribution costs.
  • Modernise the energy system and build more large-scale disaggregated clean energy and storage.
  • Investment in Victoria’s waste and recycling industries and infrastructure to develop markets for recycled materials and reduce the amount of waste.

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