07 Aug
5 reasons why your employees say farewell

Are you concerned about high staff turnover? Have you lost a few too many good employees lately? Research suggests that replacing a staff member can cost a business up to 150 per cent of their salary; so encouraging staff to stay the distance makes good business sense.

Here are some of the most common reasons staff say “so long”, as well as some solutions to help you keep your people, increase your productivity levels and save your profits.

1. Poor leadership or micro-management


24 Jul
Authenticity, Trust and Integrity: the three pillars of personal brand according to Deborah Thomas

Think of ‘brand’ in an Australian context, and you probably think Vegemite, Speedo, Billabong and Australian Women’s Weekly. Each of these brands form part of our Australian psyche, and importantly, have over time, been shaped by a brand champion – a voice that has shone above the physical brand attributes to embody the values and belief system inherent in creating a much loved and trusted brand..


15 Jul
The painless way to power up your profits

If you were asked what’s the number one energy cost-saving opportunity for business, would you say lighting improvements? Solar energy? Installing timer switches?

You’d be wrong. It’s changing your electricity retailer.

The fact is many businesses are paying too much for their electricity. Each year, Victorian businesses are dolling out thousands in unnecessary expenditure due to uncompetitive contracts and confusing pricing structures.


04 Jul
5 fast fixes to improve your LinkedIn profile

In the business world, LinkedIn is the social networking tool that businesses turn to – for profiling, for sharing their brand message, and even to recruit new talent.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with six million professional members in Australia and more than 300 million members from 200 countries. LinkedIn is an opportunity for business professionals in every industry to grow their network and put their best brand forward.


23 Jun
Deborah Thomas talks personal brand and building Me Inc.

Join Deborah Thomas, former editor of The Australian Women’s Weekly at the Victorian Chamber Women in Business luncheon on 22 July 2014. Click here for tickets


16 Jun
Me Inc. How to perfect your personal brand

When someone hears your name, what (if anything) pops into their heads? What do other people think you stand for? Your personal brand is shaped by the way you present yourself, but it is created through the thoughts, words and reactions of other people.

When you have a successful personal brand, people recognise and care about your name, what you’re working on, what you offer, and what you’re about.

So how’s your personal brand shaping up? And how can you make sure the brand called you is in tip-top condition?


19 May
Social media is here. Embrace it, or ignore it at your peril

Vanessa Wiltshire of The HR Talent Community – and Victorian Chamber HR Breakfast speaker – shares her top tips for managing social media risk in business through policy and training.

Many businesses have harnessed marketing opportunities associated with social media, while others are still scared to jump in, worried about how to manage the flow of information.

The ‘fear factor’ stems from business’s lack of control – with new technologies at our fingertips 24/7, social media seems to come with a large side order of risk.


15 May
Dismissal discourse. Who’s allowed in the room?

In landmark 2010 case, a producer of chemical products lost an unlawful dismissal case brought by a long-serving employee due to the employer’s ignorance of award and enterprise agreement provisions, as well as provisions of the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Cth) in relation to a support person or union representative at disciplinary meetings.

But 2010 is a world away in industrial relations terms, I hear you cry.


09 May
Social media in the workplace: what’s your game plan?

Forbes magazine recently announced the “digital immigrants have now caught up to the digital natives – we are now all digital citizens”. Pretty much all your employees (over 75%) are now accessing social media sites from the workplace at least once a day.

Most of these ‘digital citizens’ access social media sites from personal devices such as smartphones – devices they bring into the workplace – at least once a day.


28 Apr
What is country-of-origin branding, and how can you make it work for you?

Businesses manufacturing and growing products and produce in Australia – and the retailers that stock them – have a powerful marketing tool at their fingertips: country-of-origin (CoO) branding. So how can you make CoO branding work for your business?


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