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Small business outlines 'The BIG 4’ issues for survival

Victorian small businesses owners have today outlined the four biggest issues of concern to them, saying red tape, the tax system, employment reform and infrastructure development are ‘The BIG 4’ areas in need of critical attention to support business survival and success.

‘The BIG 4 You Can’t Ignore’ have been identified by small business owners through feedback received in the national Small Business - Too Big To Ignore pre-election campaign being led by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and state business bodies including Victorian Chamber.

Victorian Chamber Chief Executive Mark Stone says, “Outlining ‘The BIG 4’ highlights the key elements that the next Federal Government must address to ensure the stability of small business in Victoria and across the country.”

The BIG 4 includes the need to:

  1. Cut down on the RED TAPE
  2. Simplify the TAX SYSTEM
  3. Make it easier to EMPLOY PEOPLE; and
  4. Build better INFRASTRUCTURE     

These issues of importance to small businesses are demonstrated through a series of short ads which can be viewed on the campaign website

“At every level of government, regulation is suffocating small business,” says Mr Stone.

“Our tax and finance systems are impossible for the average small business person to understand and comply with.

“Australia has become a very costly place for small business to hire, keep and dismiss staff, and when times are tough, that means jobs and hours get cut.

“Small business faces an increasing regulatory burden, higher operating costs and a suffocating workplace relations system. It is time for a Federal Government that will take on board its concerns and do something about them.”

The Small Business - Too Big To Ignore campaign is centred on the real people of business, and has already harnessed the support of more than 21,000 small businesses and supporters since its launch in April.

The campaign encourages small business owners and employers to voice their personal business stories on the campaign’s website, through social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, and via short video messages, with the aim of directing these messages to Canberra.

“There are more than two million small businesses in Australia employing seven million Australians, or around 60 per cent of the Australian workforce,” says Mr Stone. “The sector is crucial to the health and wellbeing of the Australian economy.

“This campaign provides a channel for the collective voice of Australia’s small business entrepreneurs and staff to be heard and respected, and for their needs to be acknowledged and made a priority of the next Federal Government.

“Small business is mobilising and getting involved in this campaign, telling their stories and outlining what they need. We urge all small businesses to visit the website and add their voice to this national campaign.”