17 Aug
Significant decision - Calculation of Personal leave entitlements

A recent decision of the Fair Work Commission has thrown into question personal leave calculations and accruals.

With the introduction of the Fair Work Act, the National Employment Standards ('NES') were introduced, including an entitlement to 10 days personal leave (for the purposes of personal illness or carers leave).

The interpretation of the 10 days personal leave following the introduction of the Fair Work Act, was that personal leave days were accrued for full time employees at the rate of 7.6 hours per day, which was based on the 38-hour working week.


17 Aug
From the Chief Executive - 17 August 2018

In the lead-up to the State Election we are ensuring businesses priorities are front and centre on the political agenda.


17 Aug
Sitting Week Update

In the first sitting week of the Victorian Parliament in August 2018, both the Victorian Industry Participation Policy (Local Jobs First) Amendment Bill 2018 and the Environment Protection Amendment (EPA) Bill 2018 passed through the Legislative Council.

The Victorian Chamber worked closely with the Government and Opposition on both pieces of legislation. The Chamber’s advocacy on behalf of Victorian business was well received and given considered attention during the debate of both bills.

Local Jobs First Bill


14 Aug
Fair Work Commission upholds dismissal of beer throwing employee

The Fair Work Commission (the Commission) has upheld the dismissal of an employee who threw a glass of beer at an out of hours Christmas party.

The business held a staff Christmas party on 25 November 2017 which was organised by section leaders. Food and drink was paid for by the business. However, the employee claimed it was not an official business function.


14 Aug
WorkSafe’s new mental health and wellbeing toolkit

WorkSafe Victoria has recently released its WorkWell Toolkit to help small (1-29 staff) and medium (30+ staff) sized businesses create mentally healthy workplaces.

The WorkWell Toolkit is an online tool which supports workplaces to take steps to make a positive difference to workplace mental health by providing practical actions and resources tailored to each business.

Users will work through four simple stages to then be guided towards recommended actions for improvement:


14 Aug
‘Fanciful’ argument unsuccessful in proving employee on fixed term contract was not dismissed

The Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (the “Commission”) has found a traffic warden employed on an ‘outer limit’ contract, whose employment ended by virtue of the ‘end date’ was dismissed.

The applicant was employed on a series of fixed term contracts before being employed as a casual from March 2011 to February 2017 without signing a contract. In 2017 the applicant was again required to sign a new fixed term contract.


14 Aug
Cleaning businesses to be licensed under new labour hire scheme

The Victorian Government has recently released draft regulations and a regulatory impact statement detailing how Victoria’s labour hire licensing legislation will operate in practice.

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has opposed the labour hire licensing scheme since it was announced by the Government last year.  The scheme will impose additional costs and red tape on business operating in the sector.


06 Aug
Businesses are missing out – let’s ignite collaboration

Evidence shows that when businesses collaborate with researchers, they more than triple their likelihood of annual productivity growth.

Unfortunately, Australia is last on the list of OECD countries when we measure business-research collaboration in a global scale. Many other countries do collaboration much better than us – and their economies benefit.


03 Aug
From the Chief Executive - 3 August 2018

I’m delighted to report that our July Government Grants briefing sessions were very successful and as a result, most businesses who attended the briefings are now considering applying for a grant in near future.

Businesses are usually interested in applying for Government Grants but are often not sure what’s available to them. That’s why we created the briefing sessions. Supported by Bank of Melbourne and AusIndustry, they are designed to help Victorian businesses identify grants available to them and be better equipped to write a successful application.


02 Aug
Victorian Small Business Festival kicks off in August

The Festival is held throughout August with events across metropolitan and regional Victoria, the Victoria Small Business Festival is an annual curated events program providing ideas, information and networking opportunities to start, operate and grow a business.

Presented by the Victorian Government, all events are low-cost or free and cover a wide range of topics such as business planning, marketing, social media, networking and financial management.


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