Business trends and prospects

business trends prospects survey
The survey of Business Trends and Prospects accurately monitors opportunities and challenges facing the business community. It is a resource allowing businesses to do comparative analysis of firm performance and industry bench-marking.

Members and businesses value the survey because it allows them to gain a broad understanding on what is driving business in Victoria. The survey is conducted state-wide on a quarterly basis to monitor current business conditions and prospects for both state and national economies over the following 12 months. The survey results reflect the responses of approximately 400 small, medium and large-sized businesses that represent the spectrum of Victorian industry.

Member feedback is central to our advocacy activities. Talk to us about your business challenges to inform policy, and form a stronger Victoria.
Summary report
Get a visual snapshot of business sentiment and indicators in this easy to read 2-page summary.
Full report

The full report of the survey is available to Victorian Chamber members.

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