State election priorities

Stronger business, stronger Victoria
The Victorian Chamber’s 2018 state election priorities, Stronger Business Stronger Victoria, sets out 10 recommendations for Victoria to keep business competitive and keep Victoria growing.

The Victorian Chamber’s 2018 state election priorities

2018 State Election Priorities #1

Deliver key infrastructure projects

Transport is vital for business and Victoria. Our transport system moves people and freight around Victoria quickly and efficiently. It is key to getting people to where the jobs are and ensuring a good experience for tourists.

2018 State Election Priorities #2

Increase the payroll tax threshold to $850,000

Payroll tax is a tax on jobs. It stops jobs, business and investment growth. An increase in the threshold from its current level of $650,000 to $850,000 from 1 July 2019 would support 40,000 businesses to grow and hire more people.

2018 State Election Priorities #3

Increase apprenticeships and traineeships

Vocational education and training (VET) is vital to improving productivity, creating jobs and increasing Victoria's economic growth. Greater effort must be directed at stemming the decline in apprentice and trainee numbers and promoting VET as a positive and rewarding pathway for school leavers.

2018 State Election Priorities #4

Maximise local content in Victorian projects

The Victorian Government spends around $30 billion annually on procurement activities, making it a significant market for any business. While a key objective of Government procurement is to deliver value for money for taxpayers, it should also advance the government's economic objectives, strategically enhancing the capability of Victorian industry and boosting Victorian jobs, apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities.

2018 State Election Priorities #5

Grow Victorian exports and supply chains

International engagement is at the core of Victoria's economy, generating output and contributing vital income, investment and jobs across the state. While Victoria's exports are strong and growing, only two per cent of Victorian businesses are involved in exporting. We need to encourage even wider and deeper international engagement and accelerate Victoria's competitiveness by implementing policies and programs that support sustainable business growth.

2018 State Election Priorities #6

Lift the moratorium on onshore conventional gas exploration

Energy is the fuel for Victoria's future growth. Energy security, reliability and affordability is a key priority for Victorian business. It is now time for action that improves Victoria's energy supplies, helps businesses manage the impact of high energy costs and shows businesses how they can improve their energy efficiency.

2018 State Election Priorities #7

Accelerate regional opportunities

Regional Victoria contributes nearly 20 percent of Victoria's annual economic output. It is home to over 130,000 businesses and significant industries such as agribusiness, tourism, advanced manufacturing, health care, education and retail trade. To accelerate regional economic, investment and employment growth, supporting actions need to focus on improving regional infrastructure, strengthening regional education and training outcomes and fostering regional trade and investment.

2018 State Election Priorities #8

Advance Victoria’s high value, competitive industries

Victorian industry is transforming into a highly integrated, innovative and export-focused sector. The potential for further growth is strong. Policies and programs must be put in place to leverage opportunities for new value adding processes, skills development, technology transfer and trade expansion in these important goods and services industries.

2018 State Election Priorities #9

Develop Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Bay is a significant natural asset for Victoria. The Bay is surrounded by 10 local government areas and over 3.2 million Victorians live around its shore. It is a hub of both recreational and economic activity. A ‘Bay Plan 2050' is needed to examine opportunities to develop new shared commercial, recreational, event and tourism uses for the Bay into the future. It would also eliminate unnecessary, complex or duplicative planning or regulatory barriers to Bay use and development.

2018 State Election Priorities #10

Provide a safe and secure business environment

Businesses rely on a safe and secure business environment and a strong rule of law to ensure that staff and customers feel safe and business assets and stock are protected. Victoria's reputation as a safe and secure State is critical to our competitiveness and ability to attract tourism and investment, contributing to our status as a world leading cultural hub.

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