Legal compliance and review

Legal compliance review
If WorkSafe inspectors visited your business today, would they deem it safe?

Let us help you identify and fix safety gaps in your business to make sure you comply with legal obligations or even achieve safety accreditation.

OHS policy and procedure creation and review

All occupational health and safety (OHS) policies and procedures need to be reviewed periodically. They need to be checked to see if the content is current for business operations and compliant with changing OHS regulations. If you are unsure if your safety paperwork is up-to-date, let our experienced safety consultants help. We can review our documents and help put your mind at ease. We can even create new policies for you where you find you have a gap.

Legal compliance assessment

If you have concerns about safety at your organisation, our legal compliance assessment provides a cost-effective solution. This is an initial assessment aimed at businesses that are looking to establish or improve their safety management processes and would like to determine their current level of compliance.

During the assessment there will be an initial meeting with key stakeholders to establish what safety processes are currently in place and what types of hazardous work occurs in your business. A walk-through and inspection of the workplace will also help the consultant identify areas on which to focus to ensure you meet all your legal requirements. A detailed report, containing photos, will then be provided highlighting practical recommendations for improvement.

OHS management system review

This service is aimed at members and clients who have an existing documented OHS management system and want to verify that the system is current, legally compliant and covers all risks.

The review begins with meeting senior managers to discuss the plan for the time that the OHS consultant is on site. During this meeting, the risk profile of the business will be established by discussing the types of activities undertaken. The current OHS management system documents will then be reviewed against the broad elements of the AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management System criteria to identify any gaps based on the risk profile.

A walk-through and inspection of the workplace will also take place to help the consultant develop a greater understanding of the internal business operations and functions and assist in the identification of physical risks and hazards in the workplace.

Finally, a debrief meeting will be held to inform the relevant managers of the findings and explain how to rectify the areas for improvement. A detailed report highlighting practical solutions for areas of improvement, including photographs where relevant, will then be provided to the client.

OHS management system pre-certification audit

Do you have an OHS Management system that is certified to AS/NZS 4801* and wonder whether you are still compliant? Or are you a business seeking certification or alignment to that standard, or to the new international safety standard ISO45001?

Our qualified lead auditors can help you understand whether you are on the right track to maintaining or gaining that OHS certification. You may need to demonstrate compliance or alignment to a standard for tenders or contractual purposes. Don’t let your opportunities slip away because you don’t have the right paperwork.

*Note: certification is normally to AS4801 but we can audit against other systems such as SafetyMap, the National Audit Tool or even an internal system. Our consultants can work with any system.

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If you are time or resource poor, or just need help to complete safety improvements in your business, our consultants can help. From undertaking risk assessments to implementing policies and procedures, we can offer our time and experience and help you drive the commercial outcomes that go hand-in-hand with good safety practices.

To discuss how we can help you please contact the team online or on 03 8662 5333.

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We recently engaged the services of Ian Wallis of Victorian Chamber to do a OHS Management System Pre-certification audit for us. Being a highly experienced Senior Health, Safety and Wellbeing Consultant, Ian was very thorough in his approach but also very helpful and made great recommendations to us so that we could take the next step forward in preparing ourselves for AS/NZ 4801 Safety Certification at our site.

Mary Hewitt Diver Foods