Safety management systems

A safety management system provides an organisation with policies and procedures that everyone can follow to help keep workers safe.

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to have a written safety management system, having your policies and procedures documented encourages consistency – everyone can work to the same processes and understand the safety requirements in your workplace.

Safety management systems are often known as an organisation’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Manual.

What is a safety management system?

Most safety management systems follow this five-step, continuous improvement model. It keeps the focus on safety and improvement as an ongoing process for the whole organisation to be involved with, whether at an operational or governance level.

safety management system model

To demonstrate the organisations commitment to safety, a senior staff manager will prepare, sign and date a commitment policy. Usually, this is one-page document outlines the organisation’s commitment to OHS, compliance, accountability and consultation, and forms the basis of how the organisation will approach safety management.
A safety management plan assists with the establishment and ongoing management of safety. When planning for safety an organisation needs to consider safety objectives, hazard management and legal requirements. 

Implementing a safety management plan and establishing new safety processes takes time and requires strong leadership. Commitment and support from across the organisation is essential and consultation with employees must occur.

Staff training plays an integral part of implementation to ensure employees at all levels are capable and confident in the new system.

Those responsible for the safety management plan will need to closely monitor the delivery of this organisational change project.

Once safety management processes have been implemented there is a need to measure, monitor and evaluate OHS performance and take preventive and corrective action.

Reviews or audits of the system are necessary to determine if the system has been implemented properly and is being maintained to meet the performance objectives set within the OHS policy.

Senior management should regularly review and continually improve its management system with the objective of improving overall OHS performance.

Our team of experienced consultants can develop a safety management system to suit your business. Working with you, we will deliver practical, outcome-focused policies and procedures to ensure your business is protected and your workers stay safe. We will provide you with a full safety management plan to help you implement your new system, delivering training to both those responsible for delivering the plan or to those working with the new processes every day. However in-depth the help you require, we have the capability to provide you with the best support.

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