Young worker safety - Employer Guide

An Employer Guide - Selecting Induction/Onboarding and Social Networking Software for Young Workers Safety

Employers Mutual Limited (EML), in partnership with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) are providing a range of innovative research and practical services focusing on Young Worker Safety for their members. The services aim to empower employers to manage workplace needs relating to the health and safety and workers’ compensation, particularly in regional Victoria.

After working with a range of employers over recent years it became evident that there is need for clarification and direction regarding the use of software and technology to better target, engage with and support Young Workers and their physical and psychological safety at work.

In line with this, VCCI has prepared an Employer Guide to aid all employers in relation to the selection of the most suitable induction, onboarding and social networking software for engaging with Young Workers, defined as those aged 15-25 years of age.

This Employer Guide provides employers with an easy to read overview of the:

  • types of software available,
  • their key features and functions,
  • why they are important for Young Worker engagement and,
  • future trends to be aware of.

Also included are handy comparison tables for each category of software package to highlight some of the highly rated packages available, and their respective features, pricing and installation requirements.

The New Employer Guide

This Employer Guide represents phase two of a three phase research project focusing on employers’ practices for utilizing induction/onboarding software packages and social media software to engage and communicate with Young Workers on workplace safety matters.

In order to respond to the identified gaps in the knowledge and practices of employers reported in phase one, the Victorian Chamber and EML are now providing employers and other stakeholders with sound guidance on the types and benefits that well-chosen software technologies can bring, along with current trends and future directions.

To achieve this, we have conducted an online review of global corporate literature and some relevant academic young worker focused research relating to the main software categories of

  • Human Resource Management Systems,
  • Employee Engagement Software,
  • Social Networking Software,
  • Employee Onboarding Software and
  • Learning Management Systems.

We have then reported on each category’s overall function and purpose, key features and benefits in relation to Young Worker engagement and their safety.

All employers who engage Young Workers should ensure they are able to provide the most positive and safest work commencement they can. This report will provide good guidance for employers in this regard.

Download the Employer Guide - Selecting Induction/Onboarding and Social Networking Software for Young Workers Safety (PDF download, 764kb)

So, What’s Next?

In addition to this Employer Guide VCCI and EML will be working with some key employers over the next few months and developing a series of workplace based case studies focusing on the employers and Young Workers safety onboarding and engagement experiences as they begin their working lives.