Young worker safety induction and social media survey

Young worker wearing safety equipment

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) & Employers Mutual Limited (EML) Young Worker Safety Survey

Employers Mutual Limited (EML), in partnership with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) are providing a range of innovative research and practical services focusing on Young Worker Safety for their members. The services aim to empower employers to manage workplace needs relating to the health and safety and workers’ compensation, particularly in regional Victoria.

In line with this, VCCI are, in partnership with EML, seeking to understand the needs of employers in relation to establishing and maintaining occupational health and safety with Young Workers, defined as those aged 17-25 years of age.

After working with a range of employers over several years it became evident that there is need for clarification and direction regarding the use of software and technology to better target, engage with and support Young Workers and their physical and psychological safety at work.

A key component of this important body or work is researching the use of onboarding/induction and social media packages/apps in order to understand and better inform our members/clients on the best approaches and resources for engaging with and protecting Young Workers in this way.

The survey

We have conducted this component of research by developing an on-line employer survey examining the adoption and use of onboarding/induction and social media software packages/apps, and then facilitating more than 600 survey responses to two key questions.

  • What types of software-based approaches and packages employers are utilising, and what benefits they are seeing, and?
  • What types of apps/social media are being used to communicate with Young Workers and the benefits they experience?

The attached report documents the methods used, the survey responses and findings, conclusions, and then a list of recommendations for further action.

Download the Young Worker Survey 2019 Report (PDF, 1.9MB)

What we found

  • A significant number (three quarters) of the respondents indicated they were from employers who engaged apprentices and many of these reported they were in small construction-based businesses.
  • The survey response of over 600 submissions showed a high level of interest from organisational leadership and human resourcing staff in relation to Young Worker Induction/Onboarding and engagement via social media.
  • Larger organisations more likely to adopt these types of technologies, probably due to having greater resources.
  • Only 10% of respondents indicated their main Young Worker Induction/Onboarding methods involve any software-based technologies, and the same number showed they utilise software technologies to Induct/Onboard Young Workers.
  • A very low percentage of respondents (4-5%) indicated they used social media/apps for Young Worker communication and engagement.

What we are recommending

  • An awareness and education program be developed for employers of Young Workers in the benefits of Young Worker Induction/Onboarding software packages, apps and social media in relation to better engagement with Young Workers, and what to look for when sourcing these technologies.
  • All recommendations on adoption of technologies for engaging with Young Workers need to include a consideration of specific user group preferences, especially focusing on apprentices.
  • A series of different types and styles of Young Worker Induction/Onboarding, and Social Media/Apps based packages software packages to be selected, trialled, evaluated and reported by VCCI and EML to provide guidance and education for employers on the most effective approaches and features.

So, what’s next?

Next steps, in line with the recommendations of the survey report, are to select a range of different software-based approaches and trial, analyze and report on the key benefits and pitfalls of these. Then provide guidance to employers on selection and using induction/onboarding software packages, apps and social media platforms, along with providing further guidance on supporting Young Workers through a physically and mentally safe transition to the workplace.

To read about this research and download the resulting Employers Guide, click here.