Incidents and injuries

Incidents and injuries
Effective management of incidents and injuries is critical to workplace safety. Ensure your workers take action to control an incident, ensure you know when to report to WorkSafe, and how to conduct a robust investigation.

Occupational health and safety (OHS) incidents and injuries

In the event of a serious injury, near miss or serious damage to the worksite, the law requires that businesses make a prompt report to management as soon as they become aware of the incident. OHS injuries require immediate medical treatment. They may include amputation, serious head or eye injury, loss of bodily function, separation of skin from the underlying tissues and lacerations. These types of incidents are considered notifiable incidents under sections 37 and 38 of the OHS Act 2004.

As soon as an incident occurs, phone WorkSafe (132 360). They will ask you for an additional written report within 48 hours.

When your business experiences a serious incident, you can rely on advice from the Victorian Chamber to help you take control of the situation and proactively manage the immediate aftermath of the incident as well as any legal implications. Call us as soon as you can on 03 8662 5222.

Recording and reporting incidents and hazards

Do you know how many reported injuries have occurred at your workplace in the past year?

Maintaining a hazard/risk register of injuries is a legal requirement. A well-maintained register is a useful tool because it enables businesses to identify safety issues and trends throughout the workplace so that necessary controls can be applied to avoid injuries ongoing. 

The Victorian Chamber can help your business integrate incident reporting into your daily operations, so you have the knowledge to prevent any injuries in the workplace. Members can login to download the Hazard Report Form and Hazard Risk Register and adapt them to fit business needs. 

Incident investigation

All incidents in the workplace require investigation. However, many workplace incidents that require investigation don't result in any physical injuries and are near-misses which need to be taken just as seriously. If an incident occurs in your organisation, our consultants can:

  • Conduct an incident investigation and detailed reporting
  • Analyse causes
  • Review your current incident investigation procedures
  • Develop incident reporting procedures
  • Act as an expert witness.

Investigations need to be fair in the eyes of the law. By engaging an external investigator, business can improve the quality of the investigation and ensure it is conducted in an impartial manner. Learn more about the legal implications of internal investigations from our Workplace Relations team.

Build your internal capability

A strong risk management framework involves all employees at the workplace. When everyone within a business takes on a degree of responsibility to identify risks and hazards they are empowered to implement effective controls. This might be as simple as training people to clean up kitchen spills immediately, or maintaining complex equipment.

Our consultants provide training specific to your workplace, or educate in-house trainers on the safety principles they can adapt for their own team. Talk to us about your specific requirements and we can design training to address your needs. Alternatively, explore our range of short courses and accredited courses run in the CBD and throughout Victoria.

Contact us

Our consultants should be contacted immediately in the event of a serious incident at your workplace. We can provide you with the right advice for managing hazards, injuries, and worksite damage. Contact us online or call us on 03 8662 5333.

If you are a Victorian Chamber member you have exclusive access to our library which is filled with free online fact sheets and document templates that can be adapted to fit any business need.