Online emergency management

Do you want a simple online solution to prepare your workplace for emergencies?

The Victorian Chamber has partnered with Concept Safety Systems to offer cost-effective and site-specific online fire and emergency solutions and site induction programs.

The on-line Fire and Evacuation Program, Plan Safe, will enable you to easily and economically comply with the emergency planning and work health and safety obligations by providing:

Site Safety

User-friendly, timesaving online solution for site induction for employees, ECO members, visitors and contractors:

  • Pre-entry requirements
  • Site safety requirements
  • General and first response instruction
  • Emergency plan/fire evacuation plan
  • Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) (warden) training
  • Record keeping

Emergency Preparedness

Unique tailored fire evacuation program featuring:

  • First attack
  • Evacuation coordination instruction
  • ECO (warden) instruction
  • Emergency procedures
  • Fire evacuation plan
  • Records and forms

Ongoing Compliance

Make sure your responsibilities are met through:

  • Complete visibility of compliance exceptions
  • Review and update of evacuation signs/diagrams
  • Assistance with compliance issues
  • Revision of emergency procedures and emergency control organisation structure
  • Meet OHS Act 2004 (Vic), AS3745:2010 and AS4083:2010
  • Can be completed offsite by contractors

The program is provided via an online portal, hosted and maintained on the Concept Safety Systems’s secure cloud platform.

How it works:

Step 1: Completion of a comprehensive review of your company’s existing emergency management documentation to ensure legislative compliance. This is followed by a physical walk through of your site which will involve the mark up of all fire reference points, entry and exit points and emergency assembly areas.

Step 1

Step 2: Development of your interactive floor plans. Present-day fire safety equipment training videos and actual alert and evacuation tones for the building are incorporated into the online floor plans.

Step 2

By simply clicking on the floor plan this will then clearly show the quickest route to the nearest exit/s and from the Exits to the Assembly Area, the location and types of all fire reference points i.e. fire extinguishers, hose reels, location of all exits, evacuation diagrams, EWIS and Warden Stations (if applicable). Present-day fire safety equipment training videos and actual alert and evacuation tones for the building are also incorporated into the floor plan.

Step 3: Development of your site induction program. Using your existing safety policies and procedures, or using some of Concept Safety System’s standard information, site induction and first response instructions will be tailored to your company’s individual site requirements. This will also include site specific ECO (Warden) instruction and evacuation procedures and videos customised to your site requirements.

Step 3

Content for contractor inductions and OHS policies and procedures can also be implemented into the system.

Step 4: Implementation and ongoing maintenance – legislative updates are included!

Step 4

To access our demo system – click the link and follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the ‘register’ tab in the login box on the home page
  2. Select the ‘employee’ tab in the registration box
  3. Create a 6 digit employee number (simply choose a 6 digit code that will be linked to your account)
  4. Enter your first and surname in the following boxes
  5. Choose a memorable year and create a code (e.g. If 2018 is your choice then your code is ‘2018’)
  6. Enter your email address in the following box and click ‘register’
  7. Select the ‘Add location’ button to load our 3 example locations and then select a location that best resembles where you currently work
  8. Choose whether you are an occupant or Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) i.e. Chief Warden, Warden etc.
  9. Select your work area and select ‘save changes’
  10. Select the ‘training locations’ tab in the menu above
  11. Select ‘start’ to begin the training package

For a personalised solution that makes your program more user friendly and visually appealing, take the first step towards a new interactive approach towards compliance with your emergency management systems today.

For further information, please contact us on 03 8662 5333 or contact our Health, Safety and Wellbeing experts at

Concept Safety Systems

Concept Safety Systems was established in 2008 and specialise in smart solutions for your emergency training needs. Their solution suits the largest corporations to small business across all industries. Their programs have garnered endorsements from the industry’s gold standard of safety and emergency preparedness and they have trained more than 400,000 users.

If you are a Victorian Chamber member you have exclusive access to our library which is filled with free online fact sheets and document templates that can be adapted to fit any business need.