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Registrations for this program are now closed.

For more information regarding Mental Health training please contact us.


Our workplace Mental Health Essentials program offers free mental health training and consulting to small and medium sized businesses who employ young workers and want to create mentally healthy workplaces.

What you’ll get:

Who is eligible to participate?

You can participate in the Mental Health Essentials program if you employ a significant number of young workers (under 25) and are:

  • a small business (less than 20 employees)
  • a medium-sized business (less than 200 employees)

How do I apply?

Register your interest using our online form. One of our consultants will contact you to confirm your eligibility and discuss the next steps.


What does the Mental Health Essentials program involve?

One of our expert consultants will visit your business twice and provide the following services:

Session 1


Training for senior leaders and frontline managers:

  • Why young people are at higher risk
  • Mental health and COVID -19
  • Mentally healthy workplaces:
    • What they are and why they are important
  • How to talk about mental health
    • Recognising early warning signs
    • How to have a mental health conversation
  • Communicating with doctors
  • Managing the impact on your team
  • Mental health and the law:
    • Workplace relations
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Disability discrimination
    • Privacy
  • Developing a mental health strategy



Using WorkSafe’s WorkWell toolkit to draft a simple, achievable mental health action plan 

Mhe Tablet

Session 2


Mental health training for employees: 

  • Facts about mental health in Australia 
  • Recognising early warning signs 
  • Having a supportive conversation 
  • Your role in a mentally healthy workplace
  • Tips to manage your own mental health




Completing the Employee pulse check survey 

Who pays for the Mental Health Essentials program?

The Mental Health Essentials program is supported by WorkSafe Victoria through the WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund.

It’s free for small and medium-sized businesses, however, we will expect you to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the program by:

  • encouraging your workers and managers to attend training
  • using WorkSafe’s WorkWell Toolkit to draft a mental health action plan and taking meaningful action on your chosen initiatives

Is information about my business confidential?

Yes. Any information we collect about your business to provide the Mental Health Essentials program is confidential and will be handled according to our privacy policy.

WorkSafe Victoria funds the Mental Health Essentials program through the WorkWell program, but will not receive any information that identifies your business.


Registrations for this program are now closed.

For more information regarding Mental Health training please contact us.




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