Managing workers' compensation claims

Does your business have a comprehensive system for managing workers' compensation claims?

Let us walk you through proven strategies to help your business meet legal obligations and improve bottom line results. Get in touch for more on:

  • Claims reviews -
    A comprehensive review of your active, premium sensitive claims, allowing you to make informed choices about where to direct your time and resources 
  • Workers' compensation payment management - 
    Optimise your systems to ensure your employees are being paid the correct amounts, your business units are being reimbursed, and your payroll team is accurately recording superannuation, leave accruals and more
  • Premium management and reduction -
    Set goals, plan and measure to reduce your premium
  • Trend analysis -
    Identify recurring trends and patterns in your high-cost claims which can then be incorporated into your safety management system
  • Share knowledge, simplify, document -
    Establish clear, documented policies and procedures to reduce risk of administration and reporting errors
  • Injury management procedures -
    Write or review injury management procedures to form a strong basis to your workers’ compensation management system

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