Mental Health Checks

Mental Health Checks
Get a Mental Health Check for your workplace – a strategic approach to mental health that benefits employees and productivity, identifies problems and prevents them evolving.

Mental ill-health is normal in every workplace. At any one time, one worker in five employees are likely to be experiencing mental health issues including depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress. Some issues are personal in nature and the employer has little control over them, but there are also many workplace factors which the employer can control. The reality is that mental health risks exist wherever you have people, teams and tasks together. The cost of ignoring the issue is far greater than the cost of implementing strategies to tackle mental health.

Why do you need to take action?

  • It is the law.
  • It is consistent with your organisation’s values.
  • It benefits your bottom line.

A strategic approach to mental health in the workplace, tailored to your organisation’s specific needs is likely to result in a much higher return on investment – which is why the Victorian Chamber’s Mental Health Check can benefit your business.

The cost of mental-ill health

The total cost of mental ill-health among staff is estimated at $10.9 billion every year due to absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims. The good news is promoting a healthy working environment and culture has clear financial benefits with research finding an average return of $2.30 for every $1 invested.

Mental Health Checks

Measure how mentally healthy your workplace is with our Mental Health Check. Our consultants will work with your team to identify any mental health priorities for the business to focus on using evidence that we gather on site. We then design interventions that help create a supportive, responsive and productive working environment that benefits everyone. The strategies developed under the Mental Health Check program are tailored to your unique team environment and budget requirements.

Our expertise

Our experienced team will take you through a mental health risk management process based on best practice guidance for managing mental health at work from both WorkSafe Victoria and international experts from the UK and Canada.

Additionally, our involvement in the 2015-2017 WorkSafe Victoria WorkHealth Improvement Network saw us work with 30 worksites applying these principles to specifically research and improve mental health in the workplace.

Contact us

Get in contact with our consultants online or call on 03 8662 5333 to learn how to take action take that ensures your workplace is mentally healthy now and in future.

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