Mental health programs and training

mental health programs
In Victoria, few leaders know how to create a mentally healthy workplace when it is as important as a physically safe one.

Business productivity is only as strong as the employees working behind the scenes.

  • People with chronic disease are 60% less likely to work
  • Obesity costs Australian businesses $6.4 billion a year in lost productivity
  • On average, a smoker costs 30 days per year in lost productivity

Ensuring staff are feeling happy, safe and supported goes a long way to ensuring their health and wellbeing and gives them the ability to drive the results your business needs to thrive. 

Workplace health and wellbeing programs

Workplace health and wellbeing programs actively support your employees leading to better staff retention, reduced sick leave and improved morale – all great for business and productivity. Whether you want to have a program to focus on healthy eating, physical activity or mental health, our experienced consultants can provide advice and guidance to help you establish an effective workplace health and wellbeing program. 

Mental health first aid training

Having a mental health first aid officer equips your workplace to respond appropriately to problems or crisis situations as they arise, escalating any matters to assist colleagues and protect the business.

Our accredited Mental Health First Aid course will teach your Mental Health First Aid Officers how to recognise the symptoms of common mental health problems, how to provide initial help, how to seek professional help and how to give mental health first aid.

We schedule two-day courses in mental health first aid training throughout the year and can also deliver training at your worksite for a tailored training experience.

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The Mental Health First Aid course run by the Victorian Chamber provided me with skills that I was able to utilise immediately in the workplace. With sensitive topics, the course was run professionally, with compassion and without judgement. Having this qualification provides solid infrastructure for a workplace health and wellbeing program.

Liz Atkinson HR Manager, Kincrome