Mental Health Essentials resources

Mental Health Essentials

Welcome to the Mental Health Essentials resources page.

On this page you will find a range of resources that have been developed as part of the Mental Health Essentials program and will help you to build and maintain a mentally healthy workplace. Follow the links below to view all resources including recordings of Mental Health Essentials briefings and webinars, mental health infographics for use in your own presentations, and the Mental Health Essentials Pulse Check Survey and Analysis Tool.

If you have any questions about the Mental Health Essentials program, please email the project team at


Having a mental health conversation

Part 1
  • Recognising early warning signs
  • Why should I have a mental health conversation?
  • How should I prepare?

Part 1 resources and references (PDF download)

Part 2
  • What sort of language should I use?
  • What is my business as a manager?

Part 2 resources and references (PDF download)

Part 3
  • FAQs
  • What if I want to disclose a mental health condition?

Part 3 resources and references (PDF download)

Understanding workplace stress

Part 1
  • A brief history of work-related stress
Part 2
  • Understanding mental health hazards
Part 3
  • Applying the risk management process
Part 4
  • Case study
  • The benefits of taking action

Understanding workplace stress - resources and references (PDF download)

Supporting positive mental health

Part 1
  • How COVID-19 may impact employee mental health
  • Mental health risks specific to young workers
  • The work-related factors and COVID-19 
Part 2
  • The work-related factors and COVID-19
Part 3
  • Supporting positive mental health in the workplace during COVID-19
  • Managing the mental health of a remote workforce

Supporting mental health in the workplace during COVID-19: Q&A (PDF download)




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