Culture reviews and engagement surveys

Culture reviews and engagement surveys
Do employees feel safe and happy at your workplace? Use culture and engagement surveys to measure morale and boost performance.

How can a culture review assist your business?

Business capability can be threatened by a poor culture, or one that fosters distrust, poor performance and unmotivated employees. A business with a positive workplace culture has employees who feel safe and happy at work and want to attend every day to succeed.

A culture review helps a business assess employee satisfaction. It can identify a department where low morale is impacting on performance, or it can be used to benchmark the status of organisational values to inform future progress or decline. The findings highlight areas for improvement and can be used to prevent workplace relations incidents or claims from occurring.

Investing in a culture review empowers businesses to address concerns. For example, a culture review could help your workplace culture better reflect your organisational values. By responding to the survey findings, your business can avoid workers' compensation claims and claims lodged with the Fair Work Commission.

Employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement surveys measure how people feel in their job, their department and organisation. A strategically developed survey can target business goals, employee goals, areas of concern and areas of strength. It is important for a business to use a tailored survey to ensure that the information is relevant and can highlight whether your current approach is working.

The power of a survey is that it gives employees an avenue to express their voice. This can enhance participation and commitment to the ongoing viability of the business, and can signal that you take employee views seriously. This process can also assist you to identify a systemic, company-wide problem, particularly where a number of employees highlight similar concerns.

After gathering the survey data, the business should implement solutions to address low performing survey sections. It is important that you act on areas for improvement because this can increase employee satisfaction, productivity and engagement.

How can we help?

Our Workplace Relations consultants can help your business conduct a culture review or manage the implementation of an employee engagement survey.

Our consulting services are tailored to your requirements and concerns and may involve:

  • Reviewing your workplace culture and identify areas for improvement
  • Developing an engagement survey that provides the data you need to move the business forward
  • Implementing the survey, analysing the results and providing valuable solutions for the future

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