Performance management

performance management
Develop effective performance management systems to measure and improve the strength of your workforce with advice from our Workplace Relations consultants.

Performance management systems

An effective performance management system can benefit employees and businesses alike. When a business implements a robust performance management system, employees will receive valuable feedback, recognition and career guidance. This can increase commitment to the organisation and in turn improve individual and business performance.

Performance management is an ongoing process of evaluating and developing the performance of employees. Our consultants can assist you in establishing, strengthening or developing your performance management system to ensure the best ongoing management for your business. The process can also help to identify the employees that require performance counselling and intervention.

Our consultants can help you establish:

  • Performance management systems that align employee performance with business objectives
  • Employee rating or appraisal methods for objective appraisals in employee reviews
  • Organisational requirements for business succession planning
  • A link between your performance management system and business plan

Counselling and disciplinary

Employers may also need assistance with interventions to address an employee’s suitability in a position, for example, when a conduct or performance issue is identified. This may lead to counselling or disciplinary processes such as performance improvements plans, warnings and sometimes termination of employment.

An effective performance management system identifies when intervention is required to assist employees meet the key requirements of their position.

The Victorian Chamber recognises the value of performance counselling in the workplace. It provides the employee with the tools to reach company standards, and demonstrates procedural fairness if the matter ever reaches the Fair Work Commission (FWC). Because these matters are rarely simple, our consultants can assist you to determine an appropriate course of action.

Work performance counselling

Work performance counselling is required when an employee is having trouble meeting their KPIs, managing their workload or producing output to the standard required.

Conduct counselling

Conduct counselling is required when an employee has breached a policy or is behaving inappropriately.  

Our experienced team can assist you to:

  • Manage formal and informal disciplinary proceedings
  • Design Performance Improvement Plans for underperforming employees
  • Help unify the process with best practice disciplinary and warning procedures to ensure compliance with the Fair Work Act, your Enterprise Agreement and/or internal policies
  • Draft business specific documentation to support and strengthen your disciplinary processes

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