China Business Program (formerly VJBP)

The China Business Program helps Australian and Chinese businesses connect. As well as taking Victorian business to China, we have an inbound program to increase opportunities for involvement.

China Business Program benefits

Whether you join a trade delegation to China, or decide to host Chinese businesses in Australia, participating in the China Business Program provides opportunities for learning and connection that enhance your business capability. Through the program, businesses increase their confidence to accelerate operations in China, they understand the differences and similarities of doing business in China and Australia, and reduce their risk of working in an unknown territory.

Benefits of the program:

  • Reduce risk with a strong market entry strategy
  • Create long-term commercial partnerships
  • Understand relevant business’ value chains
  • Gain know-how on how business is done in China
  • Inform your future negotiations and evaluations
  • Enhance your Chinese government networks
  • Build confidence to accelerate your operations in China

China Business Program partners

The China Business Program is a joint initiative between the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Victorian Government with support from the City of Melbourne and, in particular, its Tianjin office. The program leverages a 36-year-old sister-state relationship between Victoria and Jiangsu province. In China, we work closely with the Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Jiangsu Provincial Government.

Business environment

Doing business in China is different to Australia. While many people are aware there are language barriers to overcome, people underestimate the risk of balancing Chinese cultural expectations with their own. Perceptions around what constitutes good or bad business and how to work together are best understood by immersing yourself in the Chinese business environment. The China Business Program has workshops and real-life opportunities to gain an intuitive understanding on how to manage business relationships in China to get the results you need.

Bespoke introductions

The vast size of China can be overwhelming. Without a trusted body to make introductions, it can take years of networking to find the right person to talk to. Because we are aligned with the peak government and industry bodies of the Jiangsu region, you can be assured the contacts you meet in China are prequalified and genuinely interested in finding a new business partner. The advantage of the China Business Program is the credibility it provides your business as well, so you can build effective relationships with the right people immediately.

Market differences

The business conditions taken for granted in Australia are not necessarily replicated in the Chinese marketplace. There are different layers and channels in China that are often invisible to someone who does not know what to look for, however, they can significantly increase the cost of a product or service. There is also a lot of fluctuation in the quality of goods produced in China as the marketplace is not standardised in the same way. There are often occasions when a supplier may be driven to deliver on a competitive price point where the buyer is more interested in quality. The China Business Program can help you find a way to communicate clearly to remove risks and increase opportunities for success.

The China Business Program experience

Over the last four years, we have seen over 40 business people from Victoria go through the China Business Program and spend a busy but very productive time in China. Program participants have met company directors from a range of industries and incorporated networking opportunities with over 100 Chinese businesses along the way.

Typically, the 12-day program begins with intensive business coaching sessions and introductions. They continue with tours of some of China's biggest private companies and most impressive research and development facilities, including an innovation hub in Changzhou where students fine-tune robotic equipment and solar powered gadgets.

The China Business Program team works extremely hard to ensure each participants’ needs are met and all attendees immerse themselves in the business, cultural and social environment of China. The program has been designed to deliver on the key expectations of companies who have the vision and structure in place to achieve their strategic plans in China.

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I am honoured to have been a part of this group. This was an eye-opening experience with wonderful camaraderie between members, resulting a truly unforgettable experience.

Dr Khaled El-Sheikh Managing Director, Tristar Medical Group

The connections made in China … has been invaluable. [The Victorian Chamber and the Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce’s] ability to cut through several layers of management and allow us to sit directly with the owners or key management of relevant companies was outstanding.

Martin Solomon General Manager Sales, Britannia Metal Industries