Export documents

Export Documentation Australia
We provide documentation and certification services to exporters sending their goods overseas.
  • Certificates of Origin (COs) are required by many countries to provide evidence that your goods originated in Australia
  • Selected countries that have free trade agreements (FTAs) with Australia require a CO as well but have a different process and preferential tariffs

Learn more about how the variations and how to apply online.

Export document fees

Export Documents Member price Non-member price
Certificate of Origin (AANZFTA, AANZFTA1, ChAFTA, KAFTA, JAEPA) $31.00 $43.00
Electronic CO $31.00 $43.00
TAFTA registration fee Nil $44.00
TAFTA CO $41.00 $53.00
Replacement CO (per document) $10.00 $10.00
Export documentation (e.g. invoices, packing lists) $34.10 (GST incl.) $47.30 (GST incl.)
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