Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement

TAFTA thailand free trade
We provide the export documents required to trade with Thailand under TAFTA.

If you’re a producer or service provider, the TAFTA (Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement) gives you greater access to the Thai market and offers better prospects for business mobility and investment.

Prepare to export under TAFTA

To trade with Thailand under TAFTA, your business must satisfy the relevant export requirements.

Rule of Origin

Not all goods qualify for, or need, preferential tariff treatment. The TAFTA Rules of Origin test defines the country of origin when products are made wholly or partly in Australia and Thailand. You can find important information about TAFTA on the Austrade website or in the following documents:

Retain proof of goods' originating status

To access preferential tariffs for your goods, the next step is to confirm whether they qualify as originating Australian goods. Please download the following documents:

Exporter registration process

When you have confirmed that your goods satisfy the TAFTA Rules of Origin, you can apply for an exporter registration number. To do this, please complete the Deed of Declaration (PDF, 109KB) and the Authorised Signatory form (PDF, 94KB) and email it through to the email address on the form. When completing the form, include all signatories who are authorised to sign Certificates of Origin (CO) on behalf of the business.

Once your registration form is received, we will send you an email confirmation including your Australian Chamber exporter registration number and an approved TAFTA template. You can use this template to apply or you can use an online service.

TAFTA registration fee

To register as an exporter to Thailand, a fee applies of $44 (incl. GST) applies. The fee is waived for Victorian Chamber members

TAFTA Certifcate of Origin

Once you are a registered exporter, you are eligible to obtain a CO for each shipment of goods you send to Thailand. Having a CO is a condition of trading under TAFTA.

We are authorised to issue COs under TAFTA. The CO certifies that your goods are FTA-compliant, allows them to qualify for preferential tariff rates and may be needed for your goods to clear Thai customs. Your overseas buyer/receiver may also want a CO before paying you.

Please submit your TAFTA template to the Victorian Chamber by post, in person or via our online services for certification. If you would like it to be returned by mail, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Note: your CO template must be typed and the exporter’s declaration signed by a nominated signatory for us to issue your certificate.


Members (incl. GST) Non-members (incl. GST)
Hardcopy $41.00 $53.00
Electronically $41.00 $53.00


Speed up your export processes with these tips for completing the TAFTA form correctly 

  • COs can only be certified for Registered Exporters to Thailand
  • Registered Exporters are issued with a reference number upon approval of their registration. This number should be included in the CO
  • Six-digit HS Codes for each product included on the CO must be listed
  • The specific HS codes noted on any CO must match the codes noted on the Exporter’s Deed of Declaration, completed as part of the Exporter Registration process, otherwise the CO cannot be issued
  • The “Origin Criterion” must also be included for each product by inserting “WO” for Wholly Obtained rules and “PS” for Product Specific rules in the column provided
  • CO details must be typed – we are unable to accept handwritten forms
  • CO can be presented to the Victorian Chamber electronically, by courier, post or delivered in person
  • The phrase, which declares the goods meet the Australia-Thailand FTA Rules of Origin requirements, must be signed by an “Authorised Exporter Signatory”, in the space provided
  • All copies of the CO must have an original signature
  • Please ensure that sufficient copies are provided and be sure to include an additional copy, which is retained by the Victorian Chamber for auditing purposes
  • We are unable to certify any CO containing corrections or deletions
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