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Workplace Relations & HR

HR Resolve

A fixed fee mediation service to resolve workplace conflict and build productive and professional workplace relationships.

HR Illustration If there is a conflict in your workplace, act now. A workplace mediation is a relatively informal discussion between two or more parties that are not getting along at work. It gives you the opportunity to have the conflict resolved before a more formal and costly process such as grievance procedure or disciplinary procedures come into play. We know conflict can be uncomfortable, let us take care of it for you. 


HR Resolve, for when you have:

  • Conflict in the workplace

What you can expect from us:

  • No-surprises when it comes to costs with one fixed price
  • A team of nationally trained mediators and consultants with vast experience – from private practice and in-house lawyers to human resources and business partners.
  • Flexibility to ensure all parties are comfortable, we can conduct mediations virtually, or in person at our offices or at your premises.
  • Support after the mediation to help mitigate future conflicts 

What is involved in HR Resolve? 
Lead up to mediation
  • Mediator  Blue Arrow  short consultation with the relevant manager to understand the issues and how they are impacting the workplace.
  • Mediator  Blue Arrow  will hold separate ‘intake’ discussions with each party.
    • Introductions
    • Explain the process and discuss why this process is happening
    • Discuss what the parties might want to achieve.
Day of mediation

Not all mediations are the same, this is an example of what would typically happen

  • Mediator  Blue Arrow  short introductory statement, setting out how the mediation will run, ground rules for the session
  • Each party  Blue Arrow  short summary of the issues as they see them
  • Mediator  Blue Arrow  outline an agenda of issues to be covered in the mediation, based on what each party outlined in their summary
  • The parties  Blue Arrow  invited to engage in conversation with each other, to set out their views on each of the issues and begin to develop options for resolving the issues. This discussion will be facilitated by the mediator
  • Mediator  Blue Arrow  may then invite the parties into separate confidential sessions with or continue the discussion with both parties to further explore the issues and options for resolution
  • The parties  Blue Arrow  come back together to begin to develop more options for resolution, and possibly begin to record those options in an agreement.
Post mediation
  • Our experienced team will work with you on a plan to mitigate future conflicts
Why use us?

Conflict is uncomfortable and complex. Individuals can feel more open and comfortable dealing with an external third party rather than internal employees. We have nationally trained mediators and consultants who have conducted mediations for many different businesses across Australia. Their experience means we know that mediation is a flexible process. Not all mediations are the same and our mediator will work with the parties to make sure the process is appropriate for all involved.

If you are unsure whether the conflict is suitable for mediation, get in touch.


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