Sourcing and imports

Importing can open up opportunities that result in significant savings. However, these opportunities can also create challenges, particularly in navigating cultural and business environments that are different to those in Australia. The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Global team plays an important role as a third party, providing guidance, so that expectations are clearly communicated and met.

Supplier Verification

The Victorian Chamber's Global team can assess manufacturers to ensure that they comply with appropriate standards and will deliver quality products and components to an agreed time schedule.


Our Global team can assist in communicating briefs and sourcing samples from multiple suppliers.

Price negotiations

We can also assist in collecting several quotes and provide detail on what a reasonable price includes. Aside from simple quality and quantity price differentiations, many other factors should be considered.

Quality control and inspection

The Victorian Chamber's Global tam can ensure that all parties understand one another’s expectations avoiding issues down the track.

Once agreement has been reached with regard to the final product, the Global team in the region can assist with quality control.

Managed Supply chain and logistics

In addition to quality control and inspection, our Global representatives on the ground in China and other regions can coordinate supply chains with multiple suppliers, exporting products and components as well as engage industry experts.

Key Markets

Identifying markets for a product can be overwhelming. The Victorian Chamber's Global professionals have been involved with international trade and export strategy planning for many years. Their extensive international network of contacts allows them to maintain a deep understanding of international market opportunities.

Learn more about key markets here.