Supporting Young Workers Program

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in partnership with EML, launched the Supporting Young Workers program in September 2016.

Young workers are those under 25. They are more likely to be hurt at work than any other age group with their injuries are more likely to result in hospitalisation. So they deserve special attention in terms of their health and safety at work. Importantly, it’s not just their physical safety that’s at risk. Their mental health also needs protecting.

The Supporting Young Workers program centres on helping employers understand what they can do to achieve a safer workplace for their young workers. It’s designed to support business by providing access to a range of programs, tools and initiatives to help educate employers and facilitate the prevention and reduction of workplace injuries.

This 5 year program will evolve over the period, responding to employer needs and to explore evolving workplace issues


Two series of statewide briefings were held in November 2016 and March 2017, both of which are now available as recorded webinars. 

Talking safety with young workers (Webinar 1 & 2)

Why young workers are vulnerable in the workplace

This webinar concentrates on exploring what we need to do to best engage and communicate with our young workers to ensure the best safety outcomes. Young workers gather and retain information differently to others in the workplace and by understanding their needs, employers can ensure their workers will be happy to speak up at work when they don’t understand how to work safely. 

This webinar provides you with insight as to the many and varied reasons as to why young workers are more likely to be involved in an incident in the workplace. It also provides tips as to what you can do to target your attention to young worker safety and make starting work a positive and safe experience for your under 25 year olds.



Tools and Resources

The Victorian Chamber has also developed the first tools for employers to help make managing young worker safety easy.  The information sheets and checklist can be readily reviewed and tailored for use in your workplace.


This guide provides you with the essentials of what you need to know if you have under 25 year olds in your workforce:

  • why young workers are vulnerable, highlighting the latest injury statistics
  • legal obligations for keeping young workers safe
  • tips on how to improve the safety in your workplace for young workers

Understand the 5 key steps you need to take when managing young workers to achieve outcomes of increased productivity, long term employment, better culture and less injuries

  • Develop effective safety management systems
  • Promote a safety culture that values and supports young workers
  • Understand the need for good engagement through communication and consultation
  • Focus on training
  • Support your young workers

The need and requirement for adequate training and supervision of young workers starts as soon as they walk through your door. Learn some tips on how to make sure your young workers understand how to work safely… and be aware of the need to supervise them until you are confident they have the know-how to be safe. 


Young workers who are engaged in the workplace are more likely to pay attention to instructions and advice on how to work safely. Read our tips for engaging and communicating with your young workers. These tried and tested best practice tips were gathered from the attendees at our ’talking safety with young workers’ briefings in March 2017. 

The best safety outcomes are often generated when employees are involved. Consulting about safety with young workers does not just involve sharing information with them. You must also allow time for them to express their views - and then take these views into account.  This guide provides you with some simple and effective methods to ensure adequate consultation is happening in your business. 

When it comes to young workers, it is critical that all leaders understand how to best manage them and inspire them to be safe and productive. This document highlights the attributes required for leader for young workers, focussing on the knowledge, behaviours and qualities. 



All new starters require an induction – our checklist has been tailored for young workers to ensure you provide them with all the information they need to make a happy, confident and safe transition into your workplace. 

There is a lot to consider when managing young workers and safety is always a priority. Use our cheat sheet to make sure you are up to speed on everything you need to do to keep this vulnerable group of workers injury free and engaged in what they need to do to keep safe in your workplace.  



About EML


EML is one of Australia’s oldest and most respected providers of workers compensation claims management. From small beginnings as three workers compensation mutuals, today EML is a national claims management specialist with over 1,400 people across Australia.

With a primary vision of ‘helping people get their lives back’, EML builds on the value that comes with being a mutual, reinvesting part of their profits back into the community, funding a range of innovative research, benefits and practical services for their members  - all of which can help employers create safer workplaces and achieve better return to work outcomes.

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