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Budgeting Fundamentals

Budgeting Fundamentals

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Want to implement a thorough and thought-out budget in your business but don’t know where to start?

Our course can teach you the fundamentals of budgeting so you can learn how to prepare, analyse, and use budgets as a management tool.


Customised options
Customised options available on site at your office for groups
Remote online study
Remote online study
One Day Session
Upskill quickly with a half day session
Progress Your Study
Progress your study further with other finance programs


Be guided by experienced accounting professionals as you work through various case studies and examples of different budgeting experiences you might face in your business and learn how to solve them.

In addition, you’ll be provided with a detailed training manual including workshop activities and various Excel templates to take away and apply within your own business.

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You will earn a Victorian Chamber Digital Credential on completion of this course. 

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Half day workshop.

Tailored on-site training at your office is also available. Contact us to find out more.

What will I learn in this course?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Budgeting fundamentals
  • Different budgeting techniques
  • The importance of using budgets as a management tool
  • What components make up the master budget including how to prepare:
    • Operating budgets (revenue budget and expenditure budget)
    • Capital expenditure budgets
    • Financial budgets (cash budget)
    • Budgeted Profit & Loss Statements, Budgeted Balance Sheets and Budgeted Cash Flow Statements
  • How to use sensitivity analysis
  • The difference between Budgets and Forecasts and the importance of Forecasting
  • How to interpret Performance Reports
Who is this course suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who:

  • Has the responsibility of preparing budgets in their business.
  • Wants to learn how to prepare and build a robust budget for their business.
  • Wants to understand how to interpret budget variances and take corrective action.

Attendees should be familiar with the use of Zoom for remote courses. 

Your learning journey

Participants may wish to further their learning across our finance course offering.

How do I register for this course?

Click the ‘Register’ button on this page to register online.

Alternatively, contact the Victorian Chamber on 8662 5333 for more information.

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Training FAQs

Can I use credits or entitlements when booking a training course online?

Yes you can and it’s as easy as selecting your chosen training course, following the payment prompts and selecting your entitlements as the payment method.

This excludes any partnership courses, find out more.

Why can't I see the member price when I try to make a booking online even though I am a member?

Kindly contact a customer service consultant on 03 8662 5211, or email A login & password can be set up for you to access your member account.

Why am I unable to access member resources and member pricing when I log into my account?

Your membership account may be currently on suspend. If you  like, we can send you through a copy of your renewal invoice. Kindly call a customer service consultant to assist you on 03 8662 5211, or email

Who should I contact if I am having trouble completing a registration online?

The Customer Service team would be happy to complete the registration for you. Simply advise the following: 1. The event name and session (i.e. date and time) 2. the attendees name, email address, position title (and dietary requirements if in-person) 3. how much of available credits should be applied to the registration. Email your response to or via phone on 03 8662 5211

What should I do if I am unable to log into my Victorian Chamber account?

The Customer Service team can manually reset your Victorian Chamber online account and email you further information on the login details. Please email or via phone on 03 8662 5211 and provide your membership number or trading name, your name, email address, and contact number. We will then arrange for  a new password.


Will I earn a digital badge?

A badge is a digital way to represent your certification achievement. We are pleased to have partnered with Credly to provide you with a digital version of your credentials for some of our training courses. If the course you are registering for is eligible for a badge, you will see the Credly logo on this page. Click here for more information.

Are all courses delivered online as well as in-person?

Most of our courses are offered online as well as in-person.  However, due to the content and structure of some courses they may be offered either online or in-person. If you cannot find the course you are after, please email or call the Cutomer Service Team on 03 8662 5211

How are Online courses delivered?

Online courses ae delivered using zoom. Details on how to log in,  the zoom link and course  materials will be emailed to the participant prior to the course commencement.

Does the Victorian Chamber offer WorkSafe approved courses?

Yes, the Victorian Chamber offers 4 WorkSafe approved courses.  1. HSR Initial OHS Training Course  2. HSR Refresher OHS Training Course (Plant)   3. HSR Refresher OHS Training Course (Work-related Violence)  4.HSR Refresher OHS Training Course (Work-related Stress)                                            

If an organisation has several staff that require training, can courses be delivered onsite?

Yes, all of our courses can be delivered onsite. Most courses can be tailored to suit your  requirements. For more information contact our onsite team on 03 8662 5196 or email

Does the Chamber offer self-paced learning?

Yes, we offer self-paced learning. The details are available on our website.

Can I use credits or entitlements to pay towards a training course?

Yes you can and it’s as easy as selecting your chosen training course, following the payment prompts and selecting your entitlements as the payment method. Find out more.

Can I use credits or entitlements to pay towards onsite training?

Yes, you can use credits or entitlemets to pay towards onsite training. For more information contact our onsite team on 03 8662 5196 or email

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