CPCWHS1001 Construction Industry Basic Induction (CI Card)

26 October 2022
6 December 2022


CPCWHS1001 Construction Industry Basic Induction (CI Card)

26 October 2022
6 December 2022

Make protecting people your first priority. Meet your legal duty of care and build safety-conscious construction teams.

Everyone working on construction sites in Victoria needs a Construction Induction Card (CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) to prove they have completed basic construction occupational health and safety induction training. Students commencing courses on or after the 1st January 2015 will need to provide their USI. Download the USI information sheet (PDF download) and the USI Privacy Notice (PDF download).

As an employer or business operator in the construction industry, this program will help you meet your legal duty of care to provide adequate OHS information, instruction and training to your employees and independent contractors.


This course is mandatory for anyone seeking work on Victorian construction sites.

COVID-19 – Important information related to the CI Card course

Due to COVID-19 - related safety restrictions and ongoing changing circumstances, this course may be delivered as connected real-time delivery (online) via Zoom, as well as an in-person, classroom environment, observing all the necessary safety measures.

The delivery type available for enrolment will be made clear along the scheduled date.

For important course information relating to the online delivery of the CI Card, click here (PDF download).

For information about in-person, classroom delivery of the CI Card course, refer to the information below.

CI Card - Classroom

The course will be delivered entirely in-person in the classroom.

To ensure the required physical distancing requirements are adequately met, the maximum group size will be limited to 8 participants per session per training room or 15 participants per session within two rooms, and the trainer.

Entry Requirements

There are no pre-requisites or entry requirements for this course.

Participants must be over 18 years of age.

Enrolment and Equipment Requirements

Due to the interactive nature of this course and the assessment being conducted mostly verbally and by direct demonstration, with minimum writing, participants must have basic English understanding, speaking, reading and writing abilities.

Use of interpreters and translators is not allowed.

Pre-Training Review

Participants are required to download and complete the Pre-Training Review and submit it together with the Registration Form and any other necessary documents.

Click here to download the Pre-Training Review Form - CI Card (Word document).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

This course requires the use of certain types of personal protective equipment (PPE) for training and assessment.

Participants must provide their own compliant personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets Australian Standards for training and assessment as follows:

  • eye protection
  • hearing protection (ear plugs/muffs),
  • hard hat, and
  • high visibility retro reflective vest.

Participants will not be able to complete the course without their own PPE available for assessment on the day.

If participants can’t provide their own PPE, or require more information, they must contact the Training Coordinator prior to the course, and VCCI will provide the PPE to them for the day.

All the other necessary learning and assessment materials will be provided on the course day.

COVID-19 Safety Measures relating to the use of course PPE

The following procedures are additional to the VCCI COVID-19 Safety Plan and do not replace or modify any of those procedures.

  • To minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure via the use of external (own) PPE, participants must bring their own PPE, cleaned and sanitized, in a bag and only take out the items for use during the relevant section on the day and return them to the bag immediately afterwards (hygienic wipes can be used before and after use – see below).
  • Participants are not permitted to swap or share items of PPE, or leave PPE lying around unattended during class.
  • If participants can’t provide their own PPE, VCCI will provide one of each set of PPE for the day (including disposable earplugs/muffs and disposable hairnet that must be worn under the hard hat).
  • Each participant will be provided the PPE by the trainer, who will be wearing disposable gloves, and will be given disposable gloves to wear in accepting the equipment and returning the equipment at the end of the day.
  • The trainer will also provide hygienic wipes and show how to clean each piece of PPE before wearing it and then again when returning it. Participants will also be shown how to remove and dispose of gloves after use.
  • The trainer will return the cleaned PPE to the PPE bag and put in storage until next use and dispose of any disposable items, including gloves after all items have been handled, returned and packed away.

One day (7 hours face-to-face workshop, including assessment).

WorkSafe Victoria information: Please note that it may take WorkSafe up to 60 days to issue your CI Card (‘white card’) from the date of application.


Attendance is required in the classroom for the entire course duration. ID verification and PPE checking will take place before the course starts, as the attendance is marked.

The trainers will observe students’ engagement and assessment participation and performance in the classroom and mark the outcomes.

Learning outcomes

During this program, you will acquire or increase your knowledge of:

  • The legislative framework
  • The responsibilities of employers, employees, and contractors
  • Recognising construction site hazards and control methods
  • How to deal with accidents and incidents
  • How to use safety signage and personal protective equipment
Training, Assessment and Completion

The training will include presentation, group discussion, demonstration, role play, simulation and practice activities.

Participants must successfully complete this course and assessment to receive a Statement of Attainment for the nationally-recognised unit of competency CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry, based on which the ‘white card’ will be obtained.

The assessment will take place progressively during the course session, participants will answer the questions verbally and in writing and demonstrate tasks to the assessor, including the correct selection, fitting and use of PPE.

The assessment must be finalised at the end of the course and as competency has been achieved and demonstrated, a Statement of Attainment will be issued on the day.

If the issuing is not possible on the same day, a copy will be emailed to participants as soon as possible and the original will be posted to them within two weeks from the course date.

For information about the RTO policies and procedures, including the Complaints and Appeals Policy, refer to the Participant Handbook.

Download participant handbook

CI Card participant handbook (PDF)

How to register

Click ‘Register’ below to register online.

Alternatively, contact the Victorian Chamber on 8662 5333 for more information or download a registration form

CI Card Registration Form


Nationally Recognised Training

On-site Training Quote

Request an on-site training quote for Construction Industry Basic Induction Training/CI Card or White Card (CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry).

This program can be customised to your needs and delivered on-site.


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Tuesday, 06 December 9:00am - 4:30pm


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