Onsite and customised training

Training services provided by the Victorian Chamber can be tailored to meet a range of business objectives.

Onsite training

While our training courses are regularly scheduled in the Melbourne CBD and at regional centres, it is not the only way you can access these services. The Victorian Chamber's full range of public scheduled courses, including vocational qualifications, can be delivered at your workplace either in their standard format or tailored to suit the specific needs of your industry or business environment.

Onsite training is a cost-effective training solution delivered by the Victorian Chamber’s expert facilitators and offers the same great learning benefits without you or your employees having to leave the premises.

Customised training

Our consultants can develop training programs to meet the specific needs of your workplace, employees and environment. Customised training allows you greater flexibility in determining the learning outcomes you want to achieve for your people. Our consultants will work closely with you to create a program that is directly relevant to your people, processes, the environment you work in and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Professional coaching provides personalised learnings that transform your career. Are you ready to achieve your goals?