Emotional intelligence

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13 Feb 2019 TPEEI1901
Melbourne $905.00 $1085.00
21 Mar 2019 TPEEI1904
Bendigo $905.00 $1085.00
27 Mar 2019 TPEEI1905
Traralgon $905.00 $1085.00
29 Apr 2019 TPEEI1902
Melbourne $905.00 $1085.00
26 Jun 2019 TPEEI1903
Melbourne $905.00 $1085.00

This workshop aims to develop your emotional intelligence, also referred to as EI or EQ to improve your managerial capability. By perceiving, understanding, expressing and managing emotions effectively at work you will contribute to the development of a sustainable organisation.


One day, not including a mandatory pre-assessment. Participants are required to complete a compulsory individual on-line EI assessment prior to the day of delivery.

Learning outcomes

This program will increase your knowledge of:

  • How to interpret emotional patterns so you may enhance your workplace impact
  • The rationale for emotions: emotions are information therefore incorporating them into decision-making and problem-solving can improve your work performance
  • Emotional patterns and the effect of your emotions on your behaviour
  • Other people's emotions and developing empathy
  • Managing your emotions so you can work more effectively with others
  • Developing the skills to manage conflict, apathy, resistance and refusals
  • Learning to engage, influence and motivate people and increasing your personal power and impact in the workplace

Optional 360-degree review

For onsite courses only, you can choose to complete a 360-degree EI assessment and nominate three or more people, including managers, direct reports, clients and peers, to assess your EI competencies. This type of review gives you critical feedback from the key people you work with.

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