Mental Health and Wellbeing Briefings

Health, safety and wellbeing

27, 28 March, 3 & 4 April
Multiple locations

How well equipped is your business to deal with mental health issues in the workplace?

Talking with an employee about a mental health condition may be the most challenging conversation you will ever have at work.

What if I say the wrong thing? Am I invading the employee’s privacy? Will I make things worse? These questions and more confront managers in Victorian workplaces every day, and the answers to them are far from simple.

Join us for a FREE, informative briefing about how to talk with an employee who you think may be suffering from poor mental health. We will discuss how to identify early warning signs, planning and preparation, what types of language to use and avoid, and how to manage the possible outcomes of a mental health conversation.

These sessions will include:

  • how to identify the early warning signs of poor mental health
  • how to prepare for a mental health conversation
  • how to open the discussion
  • language to use and avoid
  • how to get the information you need without compromising the employee’s privacy
  • managing the possible outcomes of the conversation
  • taking file notes

Our workplace Mental Health Essentials program offers free mental health training and consulting to small and medium sized businesses who employ a significant number of young workers and want to create mentally healthy workplaces.

The Mental Health Essentials program is supported by WorkSafe Victoria through the WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund Program.

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Delivered by the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Supported by Worksafe Victoria Work Well

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