Find out what the new .au namespace means for your business

Learn more about the new .au domain space commencing in March 2022


For the first time, from 24 March 2022, Australians will be able to register internet domain names directly before the .au, such as If your business has a website, this webinar is relevant for you.

In this presentation from .au Domain Administration (auDA) CEO Rosemary Sinclair AM explains how the new system will work and what it means for your business’ online presence.

The new namespace will:

  • Create a wider choice of available names for website and email addresses in the trusted Australian domain
  • Provide users with the opportunity to register shorter, more memorable domain names for website and email addresses
  • Provide website and email addresses that are easier to type and display on mobile devices.

The introduction of .au direct is the result of significant public consultation conducted in 2015, 2018 and 2019, and will bring Australia in line with many other country code Top Level Domains including the United Kingdom (.uk), Canada (.ca), the USA (.us) and New Zealand (.nz).

This session was originally recorded on 15 February 2022.

This information was correct at the time of broadcast. This does not constitute formal legal advice. The Victorian Chamber accepts no liability for actions taken as a result of this broadcast.

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