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WPR Advice Line

Workplace Relations Advice Line

Have access to expert HR and workplace relations advice with a designated over-the-phone point of contact. Save time and avoid confusion by speaking directly with one of our specialists.
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Awards Directory and Subscription

Awards directory and subscription

Ensure you are paying your employees correctly. Rely on our award directory and subscription service to keep up to date with constant changes and avoid underpaying your staff.
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Tools and Templates

Workplace tools and templates

We’ve done the hard work for you by creating an extensive range of templates, fact sheets and documents. Have peace of mind knowing they adhere to industry standards and policies and were created by experts. Our range covers HR, OH&S, Mental Health and Wellness, Workers Compensation, Crisis Management plus much more.
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Crisis information

Crisis information and management

We provide timely and concise updates on the latest developments and their impact on businesses. Trust us to keep you informed on available grants and next steps during crisis situations. Our crisis communication approach is streamlined to simplify information for businesses.
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Compliance packages

Compliance packages

Our HR and Mental Health Comply packages were designed to give you peace of mind you are meeting legislative requirements. We work through a review and a recommendation phase to ensure we have identified any gaps you may be missing in the relevant area and put forward an appropriate action plan to remediate them.

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Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation assurance

We provide tailored packages to meet all your workers compensation needs, from assessing employee fitness for work to managing workplace injuries and supporting you in the event of a workers’ compensation claim. Trust us to have you covered.
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OHS Support

Occupational Health and Safety support

We’ve created a range of packages to meet the safety needs of businesses of all sizes and at any stage of their safety journey. Employers have a legal, financial, and ethical responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees and our goal is to provide the reassurance you need to fulfill that obligation.
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ATA Carnets

ATA Carnets – international customs documents

We are Australia’s only issuer of ATA Carnets - an international customs document that permits duty-free temporary import/entry of goods into other countries. Don’t get caught at the border without one, save time and money by getting it right the first time.
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Training driven by legislation and policy

As your trusted provider for all your training needs, ensure your employees are receiving training, education and qualifications in line with the latest policy and legislations.
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Memberships for wherever you are in business

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Memberships for wherever you are in business

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