Training Services

Customised and onsite training

Training services provided by the Victorian Chamber can be developed and tailored to meet a range of business and employee objectives.

Customised and onsite training

Onsite training

While our training courses are regularly scheduled to be delivered in- person in our Melbourne CBD training facilities, at our regional centres and virtually via Connected Real-Time Delivery (CRTD) modes, we also offer workplace training solutions and online solutions to minimise disruption and productivity impacts.

Workplace training is a cost-effective solution delivered by the Victorian Chamber’s expert facilitators and offers the same great learning benefits without you or your employees having to leave the premises. If you can’t bring your team together in the one place, we can deliver many of these services using interactive digital platforms such as Zoom across many locations at the same time.

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Customised training

Our consultants can develop training programs to meet the specific needs of your workplace, employees and environment.

Customised training allows you greater flexibility in determining the learning outcomes you want to achieve for your people. Our consultants will work closely with you to create a program that is directly relevant to your staff, processes, the environment you work in and the outcomes you want to achieve.

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Professional coaching, onsite and customised training provide personalised learnings that transform your career.

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