• Aug 25
    Medicinal cannabis at the workplace

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    In April 2016, the Victorian Parliament passed the Access to Medicinal Cannabis Act, 2016.  The main purposes of this Act are to provide for the medicinal use of products derived from cannabis by establishing a scheme for the supply to, and treatment of, Victorians in exceptional circumstances...
  • Aug 25
    ‘Punishment did not fit the crime’: Senior employee reinstated

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    The FWC has reinstated a senior employee after she was dismissed for an “ill-advised” email exchange with her supervisor. After the hospital accessed email content from the supervisor, it opted not to renew the employee’s contract, citing email exchanges that included a series...
  • Aug 25
    Employee terminated for failing to provide personal leave evidence

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    An employee was fairly dismissed for repeatedly breaching an employer’s evidence and notification requirements for personal leave. The employer had high levels of absenteeism in its workplace, with each employee taking an average of 15 days per year of paid and unpaid personal leave. In a...
  • Aug 25
    Are you taking advantage of Australia’s various Free Trade Agreements to grow your business or exports?

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    A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is an international treaty which removes barriers to trade and facilitates stronger trade and commercial ties; contributing to increased economic integration between participating countries.     Australia currently has ten Free Trade Agreements in place...
  • Aug 25
    ‘Disregard of the Act’: Hairdressing business given dressing down by Federal Court

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    A NSW Hairdressing business, House of Colour, has been fined $23,500 by the Federal Court for failing to comply with notices issued by the Fair Work Ombudsman to rectify underpayments for three of its employees, totalling approximately $3,600.


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