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Efficient, reliable, and well-developed infrastructure plays an integral role in underpinning Victoria’s economic strengths and liveability credentials. It is a vital component in enhancing productivity and making firms more competitive.


Infrastructure links goods and services to markets, and people to work and leisure. The accessibility and quality of infrastructure not only shape local firms' investment and employment decisions but also influences a region's attractiveness to interstate and foreign investors.

Victoria’s infrastructure pipeline must remain significant and sustainable to preserve liveability, create jobs and meet our future commercial needs.

Our focus

  • Ensure existing major infrastructure projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Identify and pursue further opportunities for asset recycling and sustainability.
  • Advocate for a fair share of Federal infrastructure funding for Victoria.
  • Invest in modernising the energy system, including by building large-scale disaggregated clean energy and storage. This will create jobs, help improve Victoria’s energy security and make a meaningful contribution to lowering carbon emissions.
  • Make a sustained investment in Victoria’s waste and recycling industries and infrastructure to develop markets for recycled materials and reduce the amount of waste.
  • Accelerate peri-urban and regional infrastructure planning needs, including housing, to support population growth and jobs in the state’s interface corridors and regions.
  • Improve multicultural community infrastructure to help our most vulnerable individuals and communities get through the Coronavirus pandemic, build social and cultural connections, strengthen community partnerships and increase labour force participation.
  • Protect Victoria’s role as a national freight hub to ensure we can efficiently and competitively move goods around Australia.

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