Cyber Security and Scams Policy Position

Cyber Security and Scams Policy Position Paper 

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Cyberattacks and scams are a growing threat to business. This is why the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has produced this Cyber Security and Scams Policy Position, which contains 24 pragmatic game-changers (recommendations) to protect small, medium and family businesses from cyber criminals.

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How will Australia become the most cyber secure nation by 2030?

Throughout 2023, the Victorian Chamber successfully advocated to the Federal Government for bold policy changes that protect businesses from cyber threats. Since the launch of the Government's 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy, we have tracked 19 policy wins – 12 of our game-changers fully adopted and seven partially.


Supported  Fully adopted
Partial  Partially adopted
Not Supported  Not adopted

Governments need to implement bold cyber policies

1 Cyber Health Clinics
Establish industry-led Cyber Health Clinics to provide local, face-to-face solutions to uplift business cyber security with trust.
2 Australian Cyber Security Council
Establish an Australian Cyber Security Council to set professional standards and ethics in the cyber industry.
3 Cyber Safe Score
Establish a Cyber Safe Score that rates the level of cyber security maturity of businesses and any of their commercial products and services to boost competitiveness and secure supply chains.
4 Partnerships with industry associations
Partner with industry associations to run organic social media campaigns on the latest scams and cyber security prevention measures for business.
5 Monthly cyber security training
Fund industry-led educational trainings on cyber security to uplift business cyber maturity.
6 Incentives for business
Incentivise businesses (e.g., through tax rebates, grant programs) to improve their cyber security defences to uphold employee and employer livelihoods.
7 Cyber KPIs
Set clear cyber security KPIs so that businesses know what targets to strive to reach by 2030.
Not Supported
8 Tokenisation
Tokenise personal data to prevent businesses from collecting personal information and limit the opportunity for information theft and extortion.
9 Information security frameworks
Harmonise information security frameworks across all states and territories in Australia so that businesses only have to abide by one standard process.
10 Best-practice technology
Adopt best-practice technology (e.g., IPv6) to ensure Australia has strong technical foundations to continually uplift business cyber security.
11 State Cyber Security Minister
Appoint a Cyber Security Minister to the Victorian Government to ensure there is a dedicated focus on uplifting cyber security at a state level.
Not Supported


Cyber security tertiary courses require extensive practical work experience

12 Apprenticeship training model
Adopt a cyber security apprenticeship training model to give the next generation of cyber security professionals the practical work experience they need to directly enter the workforce.
13 Incentives for employment of apprentices
Incentivise businesses to take on cyber apprentices to provide the next generation of cyber security professionals with the skills to uphold industry’s cyber defences.
Not Supported
14 Cyber security education in schools
Incorporate cyber security education into school curriculum to uplift students’ cyber hygiene best practices, enabling them to provide cyber assistance to their parents who are often small business owners.
15 Base-level cyber security certification
Establish a base-level certification for cyber professionals to ensure minimum knowledge and experience across the industry.
16 Cyber professional registry
Establish a registry of qualified and certified cyber professionals so businesses know who to trust when they harden their defences or have a cyber incident.


Financial institutions must invest in more secure technologies

17 Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Make MFA mandatory across the banking industry for large transactions to reduce fraud and protect businesses.
Not Supported
18 Anti-competitive legislation
Relax anti-competitive and privacy legislation, in certain instances, to allow the banking industry to collaborate to detect, prevent and destruct scams and other fraudulent activity.
19 Innovative technologies
Encourage banks to implement the latest cyber security technologies (e.g., PayID, facial ID) to keep businesses and consumers secure.
20 Scam prevention standards
Through a Cyber Security Score, encourage minimum scam prevention standards across the banking industry (e.g., dynamic CVCs, no unsolicited links in text messages) to stop scammers from imitating banks and other businesses.
21 Complexity of notification
Simplify the notification process to government of a cyber security breach and streamline the reporting process into one central agency.


Digital devices and software must be secure by default 

22 Secure by Default
Make Secure by Default the industry standard for all digital devices, software and apps so that businesses have to opt-out of the highest-level security settings instead of opt-in.
23 Vendor liability
Hold vendors accountable for scam ads on their platforms and apply penalties if they allow fraudulent material to circulate online.
Not Supported
24 SMS registry
Limit how many SIM cards individuals can buy to prevent bad actors from sending illegitimate messages imitating sender IDs.

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