Nationally recognised vocational training

Nationally recognised vocational training

The Victorian Chamber is a registered training organisation (RTO 4166) that provides a range of nationally recognised vocational qualifications at certificate and diploma levels. Understand what you need to do to enrol and complete a course under the Skills First Program.

Skills First

The Victorian Chamber is approved by the Victorian Department of Education and Training under Skills First, to provide Government funded vocational training to eligible* individuals in Victoria.

Enrolment requirements

To enrol in our nationally recognised courses you must be aged 18 or over.

Due to the practical nature of our courses, we highly recommend that you are currently employed in a related role. Assessment assistance may be provided if this requirement cannot be met.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

You will need to provide your USI. A USI is a reference number allocated to you by the government where all your qualifications from various institutions are recorded for ease of access. If you do not have a USI or would like to know more about it, visit the USI website.

Pre-training review

As part of the enrolment process, we will conduct a pre-training review largely designed to:

  • Identify and assist with your training and any other individual learning needs
  • Identify any competencies previously acquired and the opportunity for recognition of prior learning and credit transfer
  • Determine that your language, literacy and numeracy skills will ensure you will get the maximum outcomes and benefits from your course
  • Ascertain if the proposed learning strategies and materials are appropriate for each participant
  • Ascertain that you are enrolling in the most suitable qualification for you, including consideration of your learning objectives, career aspirations and the likely future job outcomes from the development of new competencies and skills

You can download your pre-training review form from the course landing page on our website, for the course you are enrolling in. You must complete and submit this form with your registration forms and supporting evidence in order to register for your course.

Eligibility for Skills First Government Subsidised Training 2021

To be eligible for the Skills First government subsidised training entitlement, applicants must be:

  • An Australian citizen; or a holder of a permanent visa; or a New Zealand citizen; AND
  • A resident of Victoria for the duration of the course; AND
  • Aged 18-19 (i.e. under 20) years of age on 1st January in the year the course commences; OR
  • Aged 20 years or over on 1st January in the year the course commences, and you are enrolling in a qualification that is at a higher level than your highest qualification held (‘upskilling’);

Other eligibility criteria

In addition to meeting the above requirements, a student (of any age) is only eligible to:

  • Commence a maximum of two Skills First government subsidised courses in a calendar year, including if one of the subsidised courses you’re enrolled in is scheduled to commence later in the year;
  • Commence a maximum of two Skills First government subsidised courses at any one time;
  • Commence a maximum of two Skills First government subsidised courses at the same level in their lifetime.

Eligibility exemptions for people under particular government initiatives and programs

For details about possible eligibility exemptions under different government initiatives please click here.

Download the list of documents that you can use to prove your citizenship.

Fees and payments

Payment requirements

Individual paying students with total course fees >$1500:

  • Upon registration, students must agree to set up a direct debit for recurring payment of variable course fee instalments.
  • Students must agree with the Payment Instalments Schedule applicable to their course; this can be found on the relevant course information page on this website or in the Participant Handbook.
  • The initial scheduled payment must be received following the approval of the course registration form to secure a place in the course.
  • The remaining payments will be deducted from your nominated credit card by direct debit as scheduled.
  • These requirements apply to all types of enrolments where the total payable fees are >$1500, including full qualification, RPL / Credit transfer, combination or individual unit enrolment.

    Individual paying students with total course fees <$1500:

  • Total course fee payment must be paid in full following the approval of the course registration form to secure a place on the course (i.e. no direct debit and no instalments necessary).

    Employer paid enrolments:

  • Total course fee payment must be paid in full following the approval of the course registration form to secure a place in the course (i.e. no direct debit and no instalments necessary), irrespective of the total course fee amount.

Setting up a direct debit

For details and assistance with setting up your Direct Debit, please call the Customer Service Centre on 03 8662 5333.

Concession fees

Concession fees may be available. To learn more about the conditions that apply click here.

Completion requirements

To gain your qualification you must attend classes and successfully complete the related assessment tasks. RPL or CT may be available. For more information, please refer to the Participant Handbook.

The participant handbook contains important information about what to expect when studying with us including qualification requirements, assessment processes and the Victorian Chamber policies applicable to students.

How to register

You can start your registration online from the relevant course page. Once you have submitted this form we will contact you to complete your registration. You can also register by calling us on 8662 5333.

Other information

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth government funding. As such, you may be contacted and asked to participate in a National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) survey or a department-endorsed project, audit or review.

Download our latest ASQA re-registration audit information (PDF, 370KB)

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