General Protections Claims - The Basics

Do you understand your obligations in relation to employees exercising their workplace rights?


Most employers are aware of the “unfair dismissal” provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009, but many are unaware of the unfair dismissal regime’s counterpart – the “general protections” or “adverse action” regime.

Employees can bring a claim against their employer if the employer has engaged in “adverse action” against that employee because the employee has exercised a “workplace right”.

This webinar covers some of the key basics of general protections claims:

  • What is a “workplace right”, and when does an employer take “adverse action”;
  • How an employee makes a claim, and how an employer needs to respond;
  • Financial liability for employers found to have breached the general protections provisions; and
  • Practical tips for avoiding these claims, and how to position your business to defend against them.

We encourage business owners, managers and HR professionals to watch this webinar to ensure you are equipped to comply with your obligations in this area.

This session was originally recorded on 24 May 2022.

This information was correct at the time of broadcast. This does not constitute formal legal advice. The Victorian Chamber accepts no liability for actions taken as a result of this broadcast. 

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