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What to consider when using rapid antigen testing in the workplace

We know business and workers need to do their bit to manage and slow the spread of COVID-19. Every business should: have a COVIDSafe plan; provide hand sanitiser; regularly clean high-touch surfaces; comply with rules regarding vaccination; ensure staff wear face masks where required; and use QR codes. In addition, some businesses must conduct COVID-19 surveillance tests and some are recommended to implement a testing scheme.

16 November 2021

covid 19

COVIDSafe Squad to help Victorian businesses bounce back

In partnership with the Victorian Government, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is establishing a new COVIDSafe Squad to help businesses to be COVIDSafe.

14 November 2021

covid 19

COVIDSafe Squad primed and ready to help Victorian business operate safely, and stay open

In Victoria's new COVID-Normal world, we’ll be living and operating differently, with businesses having to navigate a raft of health and safety requirements to ensure that once we are back open, we can stay open.

14 November 2021

member stories

RACV: Looking after its people, members and the community through COVID-19 and beyond

Victorians have never spent more time in their homes than they have over the last 18 months. As a result, many of us have begun viewing our living spaces differently and renovations and home content upgrades have boomed across Melbourne. This week, RACV shares valuable learnings and insights gained through the pandemic, including the importance of ensuring you are protected with the right insurance, property trends and market impacts, home security, and more.

Fast Five

11 November 2021

federal government

‘Can-do capitalism’ to drive climate innovation, PM tells Victorian Chamber

The Victorian Chamber was proud to host the Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon. Scott Morrison MP, at a breakfast with our members and special guests, where he outlined how his government plans to support the private sector’s solutions to climate change.

10 November 2021

workplace relations

Enterprise bargaining; don’t dive in headfirst!

Enterprise bargaining can be an intimidating and tiring task. Make sure you invest time in planning and developing your bargaining strategy before you begin the process.

09 November 2021

education and training

There’s never been a better time to employ an apprentice or trainee

As Victoria emerges from COVID-19 and business confidence returns, there has never been a better time to take on an apprentice or trainee - a crucial pathway to kickstart our economy post-pandemic and secure talent for Victoria’s future workforce.

08 November 2021

covid 19

Business NSW and Victorian Chamber welcome joint border opening

The Victorian Chamber and Business NSW have united to welcome the joint announcement that Australia’s two most populous states will allow free travel between them, with borders opening from midnight 5 November.

05 November 2021