Business Voice podcast returns for Season Two!

16 November 2023

The Victorian Chamber’s Business Voice podcast has returned for a second season! In Episode One we put events across Melbourne and Victoria in the spotlight. 


Business Voice is the podcast for Australian business. When business does well, Australia does well.

In Season One last year, Business Voice spoke with key leaders and analysts about the issues important to business and Australia’s economy in the lead-up to the 2022 Victorian State Election.

This season will take a broader view of the industries, issues and individuals that make Victoria tick.

In Episode One, host Mikkayla Mossop and Victorian Chamber Chief Executive Paul Guerra discuss the events our great city has hosted across the past 12 months, and where the event space is going in the future – with sports, the arts, business and more all on the agenda.

From sports to culture

Mr Guerra notes Melbourne is the only city with the Formula 1 Grand Prix and one of the tennis grand slams, along with other key events such as AFL grand final - “Australia’s Super Bowl” - and the Spring Racing Carnival – facilitated by world-class sporting facilities and precincts

Combine that with the cultural component – from the NGV and expansion plans for Melbourne Arts precinct, theatres and pulling power for headline musical artists, to our hospitality scene – Victoria is often the envy of other Australian cities and the rest of the world, which comes with a pressure to keep innovating.

“The reality is Victoria, particularly Melbourne, has built a war chest of great events and there are other cities that want those great events, so it’s only natural that competition is going to form from that,” Mr Guerra says.

“Call that the IP we’ve built across a 30-40 year period – we’ve built an incredible array of events.

“So, when I talk about what events we might want to do next, we have an opportunity to start creating off the back of the IP that we have here, creating our own events that we can bring to life firstly in Victoria, but then take to the rest of Australia and the rest of the world.”

From flagship business events to promoting the Melbourne Marathon as a global event, embracing e-sports and gaming for the younger generation, Business Voice explores ‘what next?’ for the events capital of the world.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. A full list of episodes is also available on the Victorian Chamber’s Business Voice page.

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