Make a positive start to 2022 by looking after the mental health of your apprentices

11 February 2022

As 2022 progresses and the COVID-19 pandemic remains part of our lives, there has never been a better time to look after the mental health of your apprentices. Free training for managers and apprentices is available through the Victorian Chamber’s partnership with EML.


At the Victorian Chamber, we are committed to improving the mental health of Victoria’s working population. With young people experiencing higher rates of mental illness than the general population as well as being hard-hit throughout the pandemic, we have partnered with personal injury claims manager EML to provide free mental health training for apprentices and their managers. These courses will be running virtually throughout 2022.

Looking After Your Mental Health

Next training date: 10 March 2022

In this one-hour ‘lunch and learn’ style awareness session, we discuss the most common mental health conditions in Australia and equip young people with the tools to support themselves and others through practical and proven strategies.

We encourage managers of apprentices to visit our training page and register as many of their apprentices and young employees that they feel would benefit from this informative virtual session.

Supporting the Mental Health of Apprentices

Next training date: 22 March 2022

This practical and informative half-day course covers everything the modern manager needs to know about managing the mental health of apprentices in the workplace. From the challenging question of how to initiate a supportive conversation, to the complexities of your legal obligations, you will leave this course feeling empowered to make better decisions. Visit our training page to find out more and register.

How we can offer further help

Partnering with EML, the Victorian Chamber has produced a range of events, training and resources to promote the health and safety interests of young workers in Victoria and we are inviting employers to take part.

Call us on 03 8662 5333 or email to discuss how we can help you provide your young workers with a safe workplace through our innovative consulting and training solutions.

Helping people get their lives back

EML has been supporting employers and workers in Victoria with their work injury insurance and claims since 2016, when EML became an agent for WorkSafe Victoria. EML invests in research and programs – such as the partnership with the Victorian Chamber – to help employers create safer workplaces. EML provides personalised service, working with employers, employees and their treating health practitioners to help people recover from workplace injury and return to work sooner.

For more information, please visit EML at

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