Victorian Chamber Grant Finder: helping your business secure government support and grants

From sole traders to large businesses, members of the Victorian Chamber will never again miss an opportunity to take advantage of government support with this exclusive tool.


We are proud and excited to announce the launch of the Victorian Chamber Grant Finder - your new one-stop-shop and single source of truth to discover every government support measure available to your businesses.  

Currently, there is more than $100 billion worth of grants and support available to Victorian businesses through hundreds of Federal, State and Local Council initiatives. Attempting to find the relevant and appropriate support for your business can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This is where the Victorian Chamber Grant Finder comes in. 

Members of the Victorian Chamber can set their business’ criteria and will be notified when a grant or support measure is available to them. Each business can also set notifications to receive information and crucial updates about each grant as they evolve.  

We have designed this industry-leading and member-exclusive tool to ensure that our members get the help and support they need to thrive, especially when times are tough.  

“Grants can be a game-changer for businesses, particularly after what has been a devastating 18 months of disruption. Offering the Grant Finder platform to our members is an important step in making sure money is going to the businesses that need it most,” said Chief Executive of the Victorian Chamber, Paul Guerra. 

“Often, there is a short window for applications and if you’re not constantly monitoring and updating a particular website, you risk missing out. This is a really simple and efficient platform that businesses can use to save time and make sure they know what’s out there when new grants open and when existing grants close.” 

How does it work?  

The Victorian Chamber Grant Finder tool is an exclusive resource only available to members of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Melbourne Chamber of Commerce. 

Members start by heading to the Victorian Chamber Grant Finder webpage and logging in. From there, members will be able to search and filter through hundreds of government grants and support services on offer, revealing what is available and relevant to them. 

With their membership profile, each user can save individual grants to refer back to later. Members are also able to set alerts to be notified of any updates and changes to the grant they are interested in.  

Along with the Grant Finder platform, members will also be able to leverage our range of additional resources and tools to help in your business’ grant application process, including our business grants writing handbook, factsheets, and access to our network of qualified grant writers. 

While every available grant or support for Victorian business comes with its own goals, eligibility criteria, and stringent conditions, government grants and support offerings are generally only available to businesses that: 

  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) 
  • Are not subject to any legal constraint, such as bankruptcy or liquidation 

What support is available? 

The Victorian Chamber Grant Finder is a gateway connecting your business to hundreds of grants and support measures on offer to Victorian businesses.  

While each grant and support measure come with its own unique set of eligibility criteria, businesses of all sizes and from all industries can access government support. In some instances, your business may not have even been established yet and you need funding to get your business idea off the ground. The Accelerating Commercialisation Grant would be an example of support available to you. 

Not only does the Victorian Chamber Grant Finder help businesses discover monetary grants, but also reveals support mechanisms to give your business the best opportunity for success. Some of the supports on offer include cost-saving initiatives like the Small Business Income Tax Offset, and business-accelerating opportunities such as Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring Program

Our online tool collates every Federal, State and Local Council support measure available to Victorian businesses. It does not, however, list grants on offer from private institutions (such as universities) or NFP organisations, as they often come with extremely specific criteria and are not always applicable for businesses. 

Do you need a grant writer? 

For businesses who may not have experience applying for grants or aren’t confident navigating bureaucracy, engaging the services of a professional grant writer can be of great benefit. 

Depending on your business’ size, the complexity of the support you are applying for, and nature of your circumstances, professional grant writers can not only speed up the process for you, but in some cases, increase your likelihood of your application being accepted. 

If your business is considering making an application for a small and uncomplicated grant, such as the Entrepreneurs’ Programme,  your business is more than likely to have the resources in-house to apply. Other grants, such as the R&D Tax Incentive, is an example of when a business may need to engage external resources. 

 If you are considering engaging a professional grant writer, it is important to undertake your own due diligence, including:  

  • making sure the grant writer has expertise in the grant you are applying for; 
  • understanding their fee structure (is it a percentage of the grant or a flat fee); 
  • knowing how much time you will need to work with the grant writer. 

Whatever grant you are considering applying for, we encourage you to first speak to the government department and representative listed within the grant information supplied to find out your eligibility for the grant and how complex the application process is. 

If you would like to work with a professional grant writer or consultancy firm, members can access our member network by visiting our Grant Writing page here. 

More information 

To access the Victorian Chamber Grant Finder, members can head to the website now and begin their journey to discover Government support.  

Not a member? Join before 31 August to get your full membership fee back in bonus credits plus access to the Victorian Chamber Grant Finder. 

For more information about each individual grant, contact the relevant government department listed on the grant or support service you want to access, as they will always be the best source of information. 

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