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The Victorian Chamber can help you identify which local, state or federal government grants best suit your business needs.

Grant Finder

Although an essential enabler to support business growth, we know finding grants can be complex and time consuming. The Victorian Chamber Grant Finder is your new single source of truth for business grants in Victoria.

Accessible only to members, Grant Finder is an industry leading interactive resource and an invaluable time-saving tool to search relevant grants that will help your business thrive. Explore more than 891 business grants worth in excess of $103.1 billion from all government levels (local, state and federal) available for Victorian businesses:


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Search and filter grants, save and set alerts.

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Leverage our extensive range of beneficial resources and tools to give your grant application the best chance of success.

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Exclusive access for Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry members.

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Government grants resources

We also share useful knowledge and advice to give your grant application the best chance of success.

Government grants factsheet

An overview of types of grants, eligibility criteria and a list of relevant government contacts. See the Downloads section below.

Business grants writing handbook

A practical and comprehensive guide to help businesses apply for business grants (member-only). See the Downloads section below.

Grant writers list

Should you wish to work with a professional grant writer, we would like you to benefit from our impressive network. Access the list of Victorian Chamber members who can support you with grant writing here (member-only).

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