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Apprenticeships and traineeships

Apprenticeships and traineeships are an important pathway for Victoria’s future talent to enter the workforce in a highly supported way, and are available to anyone of eligible working age.

Apprenticeships and traineeships

Becoming an apprentice or trainee is a great way to acquire many valuable and sought-after skills.

If you are an employer hiring an apprentice or trainee our Apprenticeship Support Australia team has all the support you need.

Since 1998, Apprenticeship Support Australia has been contracted by the Australian Government to provide free personalised advice and support services from pre-commencement to completion for job seekers, employers, apprentices and trainees.

Our mobile and local teams operate from 11 sites supporting over 27,000 apprentices and trainees and 8,500 businesses across Victoria.

Apprenticeship Support Australia is your first point of contact for all queries about apprenticeships and traineeships.

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Our Industry Training Consultants will provide quality advice and support services to help you recruit, sign up, train, and retain your apprentice or trainee.

We can help you identify the right type of apprenticeship and traineeship best suited to your business, access incentives, and wage subsidies, connect you with registered training and group training organisations. We also provide apprentice and trainee award wage information.

Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program

The Australian Government is committed to maintaining a skilled and flexible workforce that will continue to be relevant to Australia’s changing workforce needs while retaining Australia’s international competitiveness as a training nation. As part of this commitment, the Australian Government provides a range of support for the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program.

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When you are ready to employ a new apprentice or trainee, we will visit your workplace anywhere in Victoria and provide the formal Commonwealth Government training contract for you and your apprentice or trainee to sign and help navigate the complexity of the process and paperwork.

Job seeker

If you are considering an apprenticeship or traineeship, you may have further questions or want to understand what is involved in becoming an apprentice or trainee. Our expert Career Advisor are here to discuss your options and can guide you in the right direction. 

Ongoing support

Apprentices or trainees at risk of non-completion will be offered tailored support to ensure they have the best chance of successfully completing their apprenticeship or traineeship and support is provided to employers facing difficulties retaining apprentices or trainees. 

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Our highly recognised Apprenticeship Support Australia team operates from 12 locations across Victoria and is here to help you and your apprentice or trainee at every stage of the process to ensure your combined success.

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