Agribusiness Taskforce

The Agribusiness Taskforce has drawn on the expertise of our members and industry leaders to identify issues, opportunities and ideas to accelerate Victorian agribusiness success into the future.

The Agribusiness Taskforce report, Harvesting Growth for Victoria, identifies how industry and government can transform the agribusiness industry for the benefit of all Victorians.

Agribusiness encompasses agriculture, food and beverage production contributing to job growth, trade and investment. The industry underpins the success of many other businesses in a complex supply chain as well as contributing 4.9% of Victoria’s GSP and employing 190,000 people.

Agribusiness has enormous potential for the Victorian economy. However, “success will not happen by chance,” says Mark Stone AM, the Victorian Chamber’s Chief Executive. “The industry must overcome a number of challenges, including the lack of recognition and understanding by the wider community of the significance of agribusiness to the State economy”.

Government and business need to collaborate on growing Victorian agribusiness to make the most of opportunities that are too often overlooked by:

Increasing quality and innovation across agribusiness supply chain

  • Growing new agribusiness markets
  • Facilitating investment and increasing output
  • Fast-tracking infrastructure and reducing transport constraints
  • Improving workforce skills, grow jobs and building business capacity
  • Lowering agribusiness costs and reducing red tape.

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