Higher Education Taskforce

The Higher Education Taskforce was an initiative by the Victorian Chamber identifying issues and opportunities supporting the continuing growth of Victoria’s world class higher education sector.

The Taskforce has drawn on the expertise of our members and key industry leaders to assess how Victoria’s higher education sector can continue to deliver high quality, work-ready graduates as well as cutting-edge research.

The work of the Taskforce has resulted in two reports demonstrating how the Victoria’s internationally recognised universities and private providers can maintain their strong position.

Reforming the Victorian Vocational Education and Training (VET) System

The Taskforce report suggests reforms of the VET system to:

  • Facilitate a closer alignment of training delivery to industry skills needs and emerging employment opportunities.
  • Improve training quality and stakeholder confidence in the training system.
  • Strengthen the capacity of the public Technical and Further Education (TAFE) sector to meet community service obligations.
  • Assist rural and regional communities to access affordable and effective training.

Download the report ReformingVET system

The importance of Victoria’s higher education sector

The Taskforce report recommendations are designed to:

  • Maintain a demand driven system
  • Increase competition and diversity among education providers and increase student choice
  • Foster access to the higher education system
  • Promote fee flexibility
  • Maintain our reputation as a market leader in the provision of higher education.

Download the report Strengthening the competitiveness of Victoria’s higher education sector

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