Looking after mental health: Free awareness training for apprentices

14 December 2021

For 23 years, the Australian Government has contracted the Victorian Chamber to deliver a suite of services and support through the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) at no cost to employers and individuals across Victoria.


In partnership with Employers Mutual Limited (EML), the Victorian Chamber will run a free, one-hour mental health awareness training for apprentices. We encourage employers to register their apprentices to attend, as well as anyone who works closely with apprentices (e.g., supervisors, managers, other young workers etc.). 

In addition to raising general awareness about the mental health conditions most common in the Australian population and how to get support, apprentices will learn valuable skills in mental health self-care, how to initiate a supportive conversation, and their role in contributing to a mentally healthy workplace.   

Employers are frequently affected by the impact of poor mental health on attendance, performance and retention. Supporting the mental health of employees is not only the right thing to do, it also establishes participating employers as an employer of choice and fosters a healthy and harmonious workplace.  

With a growing focus on psychological difficulties faced by younger people today, employers of apprentices frequently and consistently provide the Chamber with feedback that the mental health of their apprentices is one of their most urgent concerns.  

The session will run on Tuesday, 21 December from 3:00pm - 4:00pm. 

More information is available here.   

How we can offer further help 

Partnering with personal injury claims manager EML, The Victorian Chamber has produced a range of events, training and resources to promote the health and safety interests of young workers in Victoria and we are inviting employers to take part. 

Call us on 03 8662 5333 or email hse@victorianchamber.com.au to talk about how we can help you provide your young workers with a safe workplace through our innovative consulting and training solutions. 

Helping people get their lives back 

EML has been supporting employers and workers in Victoria with their work injury insurance and claims since 2016, when EML became an agent for WorkSafe Victoria. EML invests in research and programs – such as the partnership with the Victorian Chamber – to help employers create safer workplaces. EML provides personalised service, working with employers, employees and their treating health practitioners to help people recover from workplace injury and return to work sooner. 

For more information, please visit EML at eml.com.au. 

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