Victorian Chamber looks forward to consultation on Secure Work Pilot Scheme

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will review the Secure Work Pilot Scheme announced today by the Victorian Government.


The scheme will provide up to five days of sick and carer’s leave at the national minimum wage for casual workers in priority industries such as hospitality, cleaning, retail, security and aged care.

The Victorian Chamber recognises that there will be a range of challenges and benefits from keeping people who are sick, no matter what employment relationship they have, away from work. We will work with the Government and provide feedback on the creation of the pilot, with our member’s interests firmly in mind. The Victorian Chamber will not support any additional cost, impost or taxes on business.

From the outset it is important to recognise that casual pay rates incorporate sick and carer’s leave. There are employees who choose this form of work because the flexibility suits them, and they prefer to receive the casual loading rather than leave allowances.

We need to ensure that Victoria is the best place in Australia to run a business as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. What is not needed is new taxes on business.

To be attributed to Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Paul Guerra:

Following a brief conversation with the Treasurer today, I have seen an announcement from the Government but very little detail. We look forward to expressing our members’ views as part of the consultation process.

“The Victorian Chamber will talk to members and government about the potential implications of this proposal, including the cost and complexity for business. The Victorian Chamber will not support any additional cost, impost or taxes on business, particularly as we are trying to restart the economy and incentivise the creation of more jobs.

“It is important to highlight that casual wage rates are higher and have leave built in and there is also a segment of the workforce that appreciates and relies upon the flexible nature of casual work arrangements.”

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