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Being a Member of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry gives you access to not only our team of experts and experiences across workplace relations, training, networking but to Victoria’s largest and most diverse business community.

Business community

Be part of a business community like no other

When you join us, you’re joining a community of Victorians who are passionate about making their business the best it can be. A Victorian Chamber membership opens the door for you to connect with people from every industry to grow your networks, share experiences and learn from each other.

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Grant Finder
Grant Finder

Access grants to help your business thrive

Explore more than 891 business grants worth in excess of $103.1 billion, available to Victorian businesses thanks to Grant Finder. Accessible to our members only, this industry-leading search-engine will save you time and money. Find, filter and be alerted to grants relevant to your business.

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Grow your business

Create an environment where business can grow

We advocate on your behalf, representing your interests to key decision-makers at all levels of government. When you join us, you are joining thousands of Victorian businesses who contribute their voice to key policy decisions. By taking part in our regular surveys and summits, you’re helping create jobs, support local innovation, and strengthen Victoria’s economy. As a member, you will also have ready access to our research findings and information that can help you and your business succeed.

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Expert help
Workplace Relations

Get expert business help when you need it

We have a team of workplace relations and health and safety experts who are available to give advice over the phone. Whether it’s a tricky HR situation or you would like to check that you’re paying your staff the right wage, we’re here to ensure our members have up-to-date information to run their businesses correctly. For those more complex issues, our consultants can work with you and your staff at a competitive, member-only rate.

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Training to prepare your staff for any challenge

Your company is only as successful as your people. Ensure your employees are enhancing their careers with skills and capabilities that help your business achieve its organisational goals. With a big focus on developing key competencies, a Victorian Chamber membership supports knowledge, productivity, innovation, and performance through training courses that are tailored to your organisation. Help your business flourish by upskilling your employees.

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Global business

Help take your business global

Our members receive special rates on export documentation to make international trade hassle-free.

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